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Reviewed on 03/20/2009
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Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Alacazam is a paranormal romance. Cinnamon has a special talent. She can heal people. Many times, she has found herself transported to a place where she is needed. She has suddenly acquired a Fairy God Mother. Not just any FGM ,but one with a sense of humor and a temper. Among the characters are a large dog named Wolf, a sexy hunk named Jack, Joan, and Rosemary.

Cinnamon is from a long line of paranormals. They seem to have several individual talents. The setting is Las Vegas. Thieves are hitting casinos. Jack is working with security to capture them. Cinnamon is working with Jack to capture him. She also keeps having dreams about Eros, her soul mate. Jack comes to the rescue when Cinnamon’s life is endangered.

Rhonda Plummer adds just the right amount of humor to Alacazam, to keep readers smiling as they read. I like this story, but I thought there might be just a few too many secondary plots. My favorite character was the Fairy God Mother. She’s eccentric, but she has so much charm. All in all, Alacazam is a great read.

Rachel P. Smith

Bringing us back to the fold of the Prescott family, Alacazam gives us Cinnamon's story. Since both of her sisters have found their soul mates and added to the family of spouses and spirit relatives, fate has announced that it is Cinn's turn. When she is assigned a fairy godmother, Cinn is a little taken aback to discover that it is Salina, mother of Cinn's brother-in-law Walker. In life, Salina misused her powers and as a result, lost them. As a spirit, being a fairy godmother is her chance to atone and get her powers back. The fact that her first assignment is someone she knows is a bonus.

Cinn's gift includes the ability to hypnotize like her sister Ginger but she is also able to see auras and heal, or partially heal, injuries or illnesses she sees within the aura. In addition to her destiny dreams that have started up recently, she also has dreams of people hurt or in need of her healing. These basically amount to astral travel and can happen frequently. Her destiny dreams, however, are not as clear and frustrate Cinn in that they do not reveal the face of her soul mate.

Jack Cutter is an FBI agent investigating a counterfeit ring that has hit, among other places, Walker's casino. Cinn and Jack have a mutual attraction to each other but there are complications. Cinn does not think Jack is the man in her destiny dreams and risks losing her powers for good if she gets too close to him. Jack thinks he has no right to be in a relationship since he is undercover a lot and always in danger. Unable to resist though, the two play cat and mouse with each other testing the limits of their restraint. As Jack's investigation heats up and he is gravely injured, Cinn's healing powers are put to the test to save him. She must also decide if she cares for Jack enough to put her powers on the line and pursue something with him.

It is not until the two receive the help of Salina, the family spirits, and a new spirit acquired along the way, that the pieces of Jack's investigation and their lives, start to fit together. Tensions run high with the culmination of the story.

Reading Alacazam, I was both drawn in by the action and mystery and also frustrated by the romantic aspect. The happenings with Jack's investigation kept me intrigued because while some of the players were known, there was still an element or two of the anonymous. The frustration came from being the reader and not one who is inside the story, so to speak. I thought that the clues given in Cinn's destiny dreams were more than enough to tell her who the man was and it drove me nuts that she did not see them. Salina's antics throughout the book also kept me entertained. Her own outfits and those that she designed for Cinn were sometimes quite unique.

While each book in the trilogy had a thing or two that I was not thrilled with, as a whole is extremely entertaining and definitely kept my interest going. I am hoping that Ms. Plummer will write more books with these characters. There are a couple of non-triplet characters that seem to fit into the story line perfectly.

Reviewed at Bitten by Books Paranormal Fiction Review Site by Becky
The Bitten by Books review score was 4.5 Tombstones