AM - Solid Glass

AM - Solid Glass

Part 1

Fiction - Science Fiction
149 Pages
Reviewed on 07/10/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite

AM - Solid Glass by Dave Dröge is the first part of the second novel in the Amor Mundi series, a gripping sci-fi set in the distant future, with compelling characters and an awesome plot. It’s a story that will stun fans of novels where robots and artificial intelligence cohabit in the same universe with humankind. Follow Julia in her wake as the world changes around her. Could it be everything she’s known has been a lie? It seems like the world is no longer run by intelligent humans, but a highly intelligent computer entity that has multiplied its power and set a master plan in place that puts humans into different strata — the leaders, the hard-core workers, the creative minds, and the good-for-nothings. With an efficient organization come restrictions and conflicts that intelligence itself can’t solve. Can Julia recover her world or will she swim with the changing tides?

Readers are introduced to enigmatic characters and intelligent entities that hold exciting dialogues with humans. Real characters surface and they are compelling, navigating a world that is fast changing, with access to information no longer a basic right. Readers will fall in love with Julia and will want to penetrate the mystery about her. The writing is excellent, composed with intelligent and interesting dialogues. Dave Dröge reveals a powerful imagination in this work and creates a fictional world that is both fascinating and terrifying. AM - Solid Glass is a great piece of sci-fi, a story that fans of the genre will adore. Although it is a very abstract work, it feels so real. It’s what happens when computers begin to have a voice of their own.