Nomad Series Book 1

Fiction - Science Fiction
537 Pages
Reviewed on 12/27/2015
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Author Biography

K.A. Finn grew up on the south east coast of Ireland before moving to a rural smallholding on the Welsh marches. After studying media production, KA Finn enjoyed a working career in veterinary nursing, financial services and, most recently, in the electrical and engineering industries. Opportunity offered KA Finn the chance to write and publish the first book of the Nomad Series, Ares; a concept that had been written and re-written (and re-written again) for more than 20 years, evolving, and developing with each year. KA Finns’ writing incorporates science fiction with elements from past and present, and hints of Celtic mythology.
KA Finn’s passion for writing science fiction integrates with a busy family life, freelance proofreading and agricultural interests.
Any free time is spent reading Stephen Leather, Andy McNab, J.R. Ward, Lee Child, James Rollins, and J.D. Robb.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

Ares by K.A. Finn is the story of Gryffin, a cyborg who was left to die in the Outer Sector by the Foundation. Part of a failed experiment, Gryffin was a lost cause, but he survived. The human in him was almost dead, the machine in him was more alive than he ever was. For twenty years he survived only by taking up his machine side. However, his time is now. He will save his people from the cruel rule of the Foundation. Officer Terra Rush has been a loyal server of her community. The Foundation wants her to prepare the Sector for colonization. However, when Gryffin saved her life from an attack that might have killed her, she rethinks everything. The Foundation had lied to her, kept things secret from her, and it looks like there are more secrets that might need uncovering.

With Gryffin on the Foundation’s hit list, there is not much they can do. However, Terra Rush does not know that Gryffin has honed his machine side. He is the “killing machine” that the Foundation has deemed him to be. But his human side is awakening. Terra has awakened the human in him and together they are going to stop all the bad in the community and save the people who deserved to be saved.

A great sci-fi that kept me entertained, this is a novel that makes you want to read more. The whole story, including Gryffin, is very cool. The story unfolds in the best possible manner and the characters are well developed. Terra is an amazing female protagonist. She is smart, confident and very courageous. She braved the challenges and resisted the change. It was a joy to read. Kudos to Finn for writing such a great novel.

K.A. Finn

WOW! Thank you so much for this amazing review - so glad you enjoyed Ares :)

Amazon reviewer

Terra is a slightly naive officer on a Foundation ship. Gryffin is a cyborg and the leader of a fleet of mercenary ships, the Nomad. The Nomad are committed to defending the independence of the colonies in their sector...the same colonies the Foundation is bent on conquering. Not the most promising start for a romance, is it? Add to that the fact that the Foundation isn't the benevolent government Terra believes they are, and certain shadow elements are bent on capturing Gryffin for their own purposes, and you have a recipe for non-stop action!
This is the first novel in what is obviously a series, and it does have a cliffhanger ending. But if you like sci-fi romance with tortured cyborg heroes, then this is the book for you. Five stars, and I can't wait for the next book! :-)