Ass, Cash & Grass

Welcome to Cali

Fiction - Adventure
342 Pages
Reviewed on 10/28/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

Ass, Cash & Grass: Welcome to Cali by Chad Vegas is a great read, after the spellbinding Sex, Drugs & Corruption: Welcome to Peru which explored the adventure of two American carpenters and their unusual ploy to beat a government bent on sinking them. That was set against a harsh political setting, with corrupt government officials and two men fighting for justice. But this time, Vegas takes readers on another breathtaking ride and the setting is completely different. Chad is faced with losing his property to the Peruvian government, something he isn’t ready to let happen. But he can’t stay in the medical marijuana business much longer. He could have simply walked away, but he still has fifty pounds of weed to get off his hands. Follow him on an adventure through the Amazon jungle as he sets out on another grueling fight against the government. Can he pull it off again this time?

This is another entertaining story that reads like a memoir, well-crafted, with well-grounded and solidly built characters. Readers are transported into a world of mature men, where sex and meth are just as good as having a morning coffee. The writing is exquisite, with powerful descriptions and great dialogues. Chad Vegas talks about things with forensic clarity, exploring powerful emotions in his characters, and the language gets as raw as it can get, with no shying from telling things as they are. Listen to how he captures his sexual reality: “For me, meth heightens my appetite for sex and makes me super perverted. It also makes any bad thoughts I have seem good, which is a terrible combination. You probably won’t rip someone off sober, but on crystal it’s the status quo.” Ass, Cash & Grass: Welcome to Cali plunges readers into a culture of its own, handling interpersonal relationships, crime and corruption, sex and the pursuit of pleasure, and many things in between. The author combines humor with biting sarcasm to deliver a treat that will have readers entertained until its very last page. A must-read!