Axolotls and Tarantulas

Extreme Pets, Book 1

Children - Picture Book
40 Pages
Reviewed on 11/09/2017
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Author Biography

J.R.Poulter has worked as a senior educator, librarian, lecturer in English Expression, editor and in a circus. A multi-awarded author/poet with over 50 books to her name, she also writes award-winning poetry, YA and general readership fiction under J.R.McRae.
Outstanding author - Helen Chamberlin, Hachette, Macmillan, Windy Hollow
Highly original, highly visual author - Mark McLeod, Random House, Hodder
Australia's Scheherazade - Dr. Florence Lewis, Professor of English literature, Berkley, UC
Major Awards: 
* Children's Choice, New Zealand
* in Top Ten Children's Books & YA Books, New Zealand,
* "Mending Lucille" won Crichton, CBCA Award
* Premier's Recommended Reading List, NSW, Australia
* Poetry - Premier's Open Literature Award [Warana]
* Simone Wood  Award, USA - children's book on dance 
* LiFE Award, Literature for Environment [for 3 books]
* Award-Winning Finalist, International Book Awards
* Winner, Purple Dragonfly Award - Picture Books 5 and younger
* "Getting Home" Winner, Purple Dragonfly Award - Best Illustrations
* Readers' Favorite International Book Award Winner
Instagram: word_wings_books
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite

Axolotls & Tarantulas: Extreme Pets, Book 1 by J. R. Poulter and Jonas Sahlström is a fun and educational look at a couple critters one doesn’t encounter every day. While there, no doubt, are quite a few tarantula owners in America – I’ve even known a couple of them – I haven’t personally met a single person outside of a biology classroom who even knows what an “axolotl” is! But even the better-known tarantula is not what one would consider “common” and both of these extreme pets are fascinating and unusual animals. I had the privilege of reading this book to my 6-year-old grandson, and he was absolutely captivated by it! I can imagine that most youngsters would have a similar reaction to the factoids and graphics in this first book of what I hope will be a multi-volume series of such treatises. Many adults, too, will find this book to be a brief but refreshing educational jaunt into unfamiliar territory.

Axolotls & Tarantulas: Extreme Pets, Book 1 is offered as an introduction to two less-than-common animals. The authors present entertaining and informative glimpses into the life habits of these two unique denizens of planet Earth. Although both the axolotl and tarantula are kept by some as pets, the authors are careful to include information about their increasing rarity in the wild, primarily due to loss of critical habitat. Without getting political or condemning any person, industry or activity, Poulter and Sahlström have done an excellent job of simply providing information in a manner that inspires interested readers to develop a passion for learning more about the world around us. I applaud their efforts, and encourage parents and grandparents everywhere to consider adding this book – and any subsequent volumes – to the libraries of the children under their care. The axolotls and tarantulas of the world will thank you!