Bad Girls Drink Blood

Blood Fae Druid Book 1

Fiction - Fantasy - Urban
348 Pages
Reviewed on 12/21/2022
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Stephanie Chapman for Readers' Favorite

Lane Callaghan is a blood fae with no magical abilities, making her an outcast. S.L. Choi’s Bad Girls Drink Blood (Blood Fae Druid Book 1) features Lane working as a private investigator with her two sisters Ysindra and Mae. Lane is at Teddy’s Bar after losing the trail of Etta’wy. Rip, a bookie, offers her a job shaking down a Grounder. She finds the Grounder and discovers they have received sunstone shards. When she returns to the bar with the money and shards, Etta’wy enters. Lane’s sisters are present when Lane questions the banshee. However, someone more sinister appears after vaporizing Etta’wy. When Lane pursues him, the corrupted fae makes a portal and disappears. The Royal Fae Guard Captain Duskmere takes Lane into custody to see Queen Iola. Why does the Queen want to see Lane?

S.L. Choi made this fantasy romance full of suspense and unpredictable twists that kept me glued to every page. I liked the way Teddy made his intentions clear to Lane but didn’t pressure her into anything. The blood fae description of Lane reminded me of a faery crossed with a vampire. I had to laugh when Lane claimed to be allergic to blood. Her sister Ysindra is a foul-mouthed impulsive faery who can fly. She reminded me of my sister, while my personality matched Mae, who was a quiet bookworm. One of the main points I noticed was loyalty to people you love even if it means the possibility of sacrificing your happiness. Lane is continually forced to make choices that affect her sisters and the entire fae kingdom. I enjoyed watching her progress. I couldn’t help but feel disappointed when the tale ended and I look forward to the sequel. If you like a slow-burn romance filled with faery, shapeshifters, and self-discovery, you will enjoy Bad Girls Drink Blood.