Romance - Historical
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Reviewed on 07/05/2022
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Author Biography

I retired from the San Diego Public Library to spend more time on my writing and have had stories published in numerous journals. Bridges is my fifth Wild Rose Press novel. As often happens with me, it took the combination of two ideas to create the spark for the story. I saw a French film about a chauffeur and noticed that his job involved a lot of waiting time, so I thought it would be a good fit for someone who loved to read. The character of Mary Claire came to me, through a process I can't explain, pretty much the way she is in on the page, right down to her brothers' names and fates. All I had to do was introduce them, and they took it from there. The tone, more old-fashioned and formal than my other novels, was largely due to my reading classic novels before I began writing it.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Jennie More for Readers' Favorite

Bridges by Linda Griffin is the story of a 38-year-old chauffeur, Neil Vincent, who meets his employer's 18-year-old grandchild, Mary Claire DeWinter. He picks her up at the train station, a petite and sweet young girl who wears oversized sunglasses to hide the scars from a terrible car accident that left her blind and her brother dead. She has come to Westfield Court to see her grandfather Austin St. James, who is at death's door. After his death, she learns that her grandfather left her his entire estate on the condition that she marries within a year, or she'll forfeit the money to the state. With many visits together, traveling to church, and partaking in picnics, Vincent is charmed by the sweet, innocent, and intelligent Mary Claire. Though she is equally charmed, neither is sure whether this is romance or friendship.

Bridges by Linda Griffin is a beautiful, innocent, and heart-warming love story about a girl who suffered a tragic accident, leaving her face scarred and fearing that no one could ever think of her as beautiful. She looks for opportunities to engage with her chauffeur, who shares her love of books. Although they share different religious beliefs, they respect and listen to each other's perspectives. This tale reminds me of the old-school love stories that you seldom encounter of late, which champion the true virtues of love and a good marriage, friendship, respect, and where beauty transcends the physical. The plot's effectiveness lies in its innocence, making it charming and thought-provoking. This is a well-written story that was a pleasure to read.