Caged Fury

Goldenlach Ridge Shifters

Romance - Paranormal
285 Pages
Reviewed on 12/06/2022
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Stephanie Chapman for Readers' Favorite

Caged Fury is the second book in J.E. McDonald’s Goldenlach Ridge Shifters series. Walker, a cougar shifter, is tracking Jolyn Mahn for Landon. He has followed her trail to Emerson Mahn’s guarded location. He finds a female shifter being forced into the compound by a man and two male shifters. Walker interferes, only to be taken down by the group. Sabrina awakens locked in a cage on a plane next to her sister, Brooke. She manages to free them. She helps her sister into a parachute and opens the bay door. Unfortunately, their captors rush in to stop the girls from leaving. Brooke is knocked out of the plane but the men inject Sabrina with a sedative. When Sabrina awakens, she hears screams and prays that they don’t come from her sister. She is unable to move because of a collar on her neck. Imprisoned and overhearing the men talking about their nefarious plans, Sabrina knows time is running out for her.

J.E. McDonald penned a plot full of action with unpredictable interaction between Walker and Sabrina. Walker exhibited the typical character of a man by assuming the role of a protector. Sabrina’s independent nature causes her issues when she is forced to follow Walker’s instructions. She needs to find out if Brooke has survived and evaded capture. Several times she complicates matters because of her impulsive nature that ignores the long-term consequences of her actions. I didn’t fully understand what the “arena” mentioned in the book was, but the dialogue between the men made me feel that it was sinister. Vivid details and easy-to-read explanations of technology made for a pleasurable read. I felt the supporting characters that appeared increased the tension factor between Walker and Sabrina. I recommend Caged Fury to anyone who enjoys a shifter romance novel full of action with an unexpected ending.