Choices are for the Living

Choose a life worth repeating

Christian - Living
220 Pages
Reviewed on 01/25/2014
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Author Biography

I've been married for twenty-seven years, and I've been teaching the word of God for fourteen of those years. After finishing my Associates in Biblical Studies, I realized there was even a higher calling on my life than I anticipated. The Lord has brought me to the very threshold of my purpose which is, ministering to women who are imprisoned either by the bars made out of un-forgiveness, or literarily prison bars made out of bad choices. Either way, I am called to be a light in the darkness to use my life to point to His. I have two grown daughters who are serving the Lord. I have a husband who is a leader among men, whose passion for Christ is continual as he reaches out to men through his bible study. We are a normal family, who loves God unconditionally.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Valerie Rouse for Readers' Favorite

Choices are for the Living is a practical book outlining how to live a Christian life. Ms Davenport gives a down to earth account of lessons her personal life has taught her. The book explains parts of the Bible that you would normally read and overlook. It forces you to be called to account as a soldier in Christ’s army. Her consistent comparison of Bible passages with real-life examples makes this an ideal handbook for life. It also contains useful exercises at the end of each chapter, which encourages deeper reflection and inspires us to take action as well. This book dictates that every person should take their walk with God more seriously. Being physically present at church is no longer acceptable; we are reminded that God sees our true intentions.

Choices are for the Living is fast paced; it challenges you. The tone is personal but not judgmental. The author's style of interjecting her narration with hard-hitting questions strips you naked just as you would imagine God sees you. Her no-holds-barred review of her personal life details envelops you, yet makes you really pause and think. This book is an exceptional reader’s item. Choices are for the Living really speaks to your soul and forces you to analyze your daily interactions with others, and ask yourself whether you have accomplished any positive outcomes recently. You even wonder what you can do to make life easier or more enjoyable for your family members, neighbors, or co-workers. It promotes inner reflection and it should be a fixture in every church pew worldwide.