Death of a Scam Artist

Fiction - Mystery - General
250 Pages
Reviewed on 08/12/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Sherri Fulmer Moorer for Readers' Favorite

Reginald Bentley III has a problem - his boss has given him a limited amount of time to make the Sunny Crest Retirement Community financially solvent before he closes it to sell it to a developer. As a financial man, he believes he has the project well under control ... until his first day on the job, when he discovers that a scam artist has been making the rounds with the residents. When the scam artist shows up dead on their loading dock on his second day on the job, it's just the beginning of his problems. Soon, Reggie finds himself confronted with the complexities of running a financially viable facility, dealing with residents leery of a new administrator after the old (pitiful) one suddenly resigned, and the series of shenanigans of Jerry Rhine, the most vocal resident and leader of a group of six senior citizens who call themselves the Jerry-actrics. Problems compound, secrets are revealed, and Reggie finds himself more determined than ever not only to save his career, but to solve a mystery and to save the homes of his 200 residents. Death of a Scam Artist by Mike Befeler is a rollicking fun mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat and turning the pages right until the very end.

This book was just what I needed after several hectic months at my own job! It's a good mystery that's also fun to read, and the characters are so realistic. I remembered my days just out of college volunteering in a retirement ward, and the adventures there that nobody would believe could happen with senior citizens. Life doesn't stop at 65, and this book shows you the reality of how full and fun it can be. What's more, this is a good book with plenty of suspense, several subplots giving you lots to think about and figure out, and it's presented in a way that's absolutely hilarious. The pros tell you not to use cliches, but the ones in this book never get old because they add depth to the characters and the situations they face by showing personality and spunk. If you like mystery and need to lighten up and just have a good laugh, then Death of a Scam Artist is a must-read. Mike Befeler has told an outstanding tale that keeps you intrigued - and laughing! - right to the last page. An excellent book!