Dell’s Rage

A Heartland Thriller

Fiction - Thriller - General
303 Pages
Reviewed on 10/10/2018
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Author Biography

DELL’S RAGE is the tale of a homeless girl with extraordinary abilities that enable her to survive a childhood alone on the streets.
The character came to me in a dream and though I keyed the novel, Dell writes her own story. The life she endures is not of her making but she makes do. It is a life unhampered with the structure and constrictions of family that would normally guide one to acceptable adulthood. So she picks her own way, and suffers many setbacks, learning and discarding as she goes.
I have known children, who but for fortunate intervention, may have been thrown to the wolves in this way. There are undoubtedly other real children out there who were not so lucky as to survive such a journey with their lives or their sanity intact.
So you see, this novel is a fantasy of what might have happened if there ever was a girl who had all the luck and pluck of Dell. Dell, who has no last name, but thinks she might be Irish.

    Book Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Dell’s Rage is an action-packed, gritty life story novel by author M.L. Biddison. The plot follows our title character Dell, a modern day street rat who learns all her life lessons the hard way. Left without any family to turn to, Dell relies on herself as she picks up skills like fighting, gun-craft, sharp wits and using her femininity until she builds a reputation for herself as virtually untouchable. But all of that comes crashing down when she becomes embroiled in human trafficking, a world which some can escape, but few ever truly leave. The events of her life lead her to a startling conclusion – she has been owned, and her owner wants her back.

M.L. Biddison pulls no punches in this realistic drama about the worst kind of life imaginable. The quality of Biddison’s writing is full of excellent pace, high action, snappy dialogue and all the ingredients that make for a riveting read, but Dell’s Rage felt too gratuitous for me in many places, concerning sex and violence. These instances certainly added grit, but I didn’t feel they were needed to further the plot. The core journey of how Dell learns her skills and builds her character is harrowing but enjoyable, and even inspirational in places. Readers who don't mind the explicit brutality of the book are sure to give it their full attention, so if you enjoy a dark and gritty journey through modern life, I’d recommend picking up Dell’s Rage today.