Diesel the Body Guard

Diesel the Body Guard

No Bullies Allowed!

Children - Social Issues
36 Pages
Reviewed on 05/15/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite

Delilah Dillard is a happy little red-headed girl with freckles. She lives with her grandparents in a small town and walks to school every day with her best friend and body guard, Diesel, a rowdy red-headed rooster, tagging along. There were two mean bullies at school, brothers Richard and Jimmy. They were always calling Delilah mean names. She wished they would stop. When a new girl moves to town and joins her class, Delilah instantly makes friends and decides to take action against the bullies. You see, this new girl is also a red-head, but she also wears glasses and braces. You can well imagine the mean names the boys call her. A chance encounter at a favorite pond teaches the boys a lesson; at least the girls hope it does. With Diesel along, they know that they are safe.

Cindy L. Shirley’s colorful picture book story, Diesel the Body Guard: No Bullies Allowed!, is a wonderful teaching story about friends, differences, getting along and dealing with bullies. Children and adults alike need to have this lesson reinforced many times as this world is constantly presenting us with so many differences. We all have to learn to accept each other for what’s inside, not what people look like. And name calling is just plain mean! Cleoward Sy’s wonderful illustrations help carry this story along as two girls with red hair and their trusty partner, a rooster, develop a friendship and a bond as they learn to not only combat bullies, but also to show forgiveness when apologies are offered. A wonderful story with many good and valuable lessons.

Alyssa Elmore

Why do people feel that bullying is okay? Why do bullies think it makes them better or stronger to laugh at someone for being different? Diesel The Body Guard: No Bullies Allowed! by Cindy L. Shirley is a colorful children's story about true friendship and standing up for yourself - whether you are a rooster or a child.

Delilah Dillard is the only redhead in her small country school. She is used to being made fun of for being different; for the most part, she has learned to ignore it. Being teased about her hair may be annoying, but it is okay with her because she knows that just because some of the bullies at her school see her as "different," at home, she has another redheaded friend, Diesel. Diesel is a red rooster and Delilah's best friend. Delilah and Diesel do practically everything together. When a new girl comes to school, she too has red hair, and they instantly become friends. Only now there is another person to be bullied. Will Delilah finally stand up for herself? Can she make a stand alone, or will she need help? Will the bullies learn to respect individuality and diversity?

Diesel The Body Guard: No Bullies Allowed! by Cindy L. Shirley is a cute children's book with an anti-bullying theme. "Acceptance" is key when trying to stop bullying. We may look and even act different, but beneath it all, we have the same feelings and emotions. The story has adorable characters, notably the red rooster, Diesel. With colorful illustrations and engaging characters, this book will be a delight to read for all kids in elementary and middle school. The story was fun and the illustrations were beautifully done.

Vernita Naylor

Diesel, the rooster, is the toughest redhead in town. In Diesel the Body Guard: No Bullies Allowed! by Cindy L. Shirley, children will learn about the essence of bullying in this colorful illustrated children’s book. In Diesel the Body Guard, children will enjoy reading about Delilah, the freckle-face little redhead girl, and her best friend, Diesel, the rooster. Delilah isn't confident about her looks because she’s always being teased by brothers Richard and Jimmy. Diesel has set out on a quest to protect Delilah at all costs from being bullied. One day Delilah meets Lily Ann at school and they become fast friends because they are seen as different; they both have red hair. By chance, Delilah and Lily Ann encounter Richard and Jimmy at the lake - will there be trouble? What will Diesel do?

No one wants to be bullied, but every day children are bullied. As I read Diesel the Body Guard: No Bullies Allowed! by Cindy L. Shirley, I was continually reminded of how bullying is at an all-time high in this country. These acts of bullying cause not only depression, but at times people that are the victims of bullying have committed suicide. As children read Diesel the Body Guard, they will also learn a lot about being different. I loved how a friendship was established between the three redheads - Delilah, Lily Ann and Diesel. Now Diesel has two people to protect. Children will learn that just because they're seen as different, they don't have to suffer alone. Take a stand by believing in yourself, becoming confident, and fight off the bullies as it was done in Diesel the Body Guard: No Bullies Allowed! by Cindy L. Shirley.