Disappearing The Dead

A Paul Bennett Legal Thriller

Fiction - Thriller - Legal
412 Pages
Reviewed on 08/11/2022
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Author Biography

KJ Sutherland spent several years in Europe as an attorney for the US military, first as an officer and later as a civilian. In addition to practicing international law, she’s prosecuted and defended service members in multiple countries throughout Europe and the UK.

KJ currently lives on the shores of Lake Michigan. Here she can be found weaving her European experiences into thrillers about tenacious lawyers, who invariably find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. She enjoys adventures at home and abroad with her family, including a deer-headed Chihuahua who has ten times the personality his size.

    Book Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Disappearing The Dead: A Paul Bennett Legal Thriller is a work of fiction in the thriller and suspense subgenre. It is best suited to the adult reading audience and was penned by author KJ Sutherland. In this exciting legal novel filled with conspiracies to uncover, secrets and lies, we find ourselves following the exploits of protagonist Paul Bennett as he attempts to bring his particular brand of military law to a murder trial and a missing person case. With the severed limbs of a new bride washed up in a German vineyard, Paul must defend the new husband who swears his innocence. Another case could provide all the answers he needs, but higher forces have good reasons to keep Paul from discovering those answers.

The immediate feeling I had upon finishing this novel was one of satisfaction, for although not everything in the plot goes the way you might first imagine it, the interesting and intricate strands which come together during this murder trial case are deeply rewarding to discover and be surprised by. Author KJ Sutherland has a wonderful knack for exposition, highlighting key discoveries and utilizing dialogue to deliver some fantastic revelations without the need for huge blocks of heavy prose. This gives the novel its fast-paced feel but doesn’t sacrifice the detail work for it, and it also allows the central character to develop emotionally and for readers to be impressed by and endeared to him all the more. Overall, I cannot recommend Disappearing The Dead and the Paul Bennett Legal Thriller series highly enough for fans of this particular genre, especially if you enjoy unique law angles and mysteries jam-packed with plenty of unexpected surprises.