Easy Fast-Food And Cookies Cookbook!

Healthy You Book 2 Delicious DIY Healthy Versions of Foods You Crave!

Non-Fiction - Cooking/Food
318 Pages
Reviewed on 04/19/2022
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Author Biography

Hello! I'm KJ Walt. I'm a licensed massage therapist and have been for many years.

I created the 3 book Healthy You series to give you a shortcut to a healthier, less painful life!

If I can help one person achieve their goal or goals, I'm grateful and honored. You are worth it!

I'm also the author of Monstrosity: Apartment Complex on Deadman Lane Box Set.

People acting atrociously...and paying for it.

This is a humorous set of eight episodes that have a deeper meaning lurking in the twist-filled, laugh-out-loud storyline.

Laughter is great for the soul!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Asher Syed for Readers' Favorite

Easy Fast-Food And Cookies Cookbook! by KJ Walt is the second book in the Healthy You series in which the author has created recipes that embody “Delicious DIY Healthy Versions of Foods You Crave!” Walt avoids ingredients that lack the nutritional and digestive value our bodies require and instead homes in on food that is tasty, simple to prepare, and nutritionally sound. For each recipe, Walt includes a list of ingredients and their step-by-step directions on how to prepare the dish, and photographs so a reader can see what the final product looks like. They also include, where relevant, alternative cooking methods, storing methods, serving ideas, tips, tricks, and notes to make the process even better.

A book is always so much better when something extra special is included as a surprise, so imagine my pleasure when I got to the final page of Easy Fast-Food And Cookies Cookbook! and saw that KJ Walt gives actual bath recipes for a wonderful soak in the tub. I didn't think anything could surpass the spicy double chocolate cherry cranberry cookies until I took a hot Alma honey bath. Walt's recipes are incredibly simple and diverse enough so that everyone who picks them up will find something that tickles their fancy...and all without any of the junk found on most supermarket shelves. This is a no-fuss, no-muss writing style that is substantive but does not sacrifice the heaps of encouragement offered by Walt, nor the fun personality that resonates from the page. Very highly recommended.

Vincent Dublado

Easy Fast-Food and Cookies Cookbook! Delicious DIY Healthy Versions of Foods You Crave! is the second book in the Healthy You Series by K.J. Walt. This is designed for anyone who prefers to eat quick, healthy meals at home. It takes away the stress of thinking about what meals to prepare as these recipes are easy to follow and with ingredients that are affordable and nutritious. It is a cookbook that operates on the notion that health and nutrition, just like everything else, must be kept simple in order for you to maximize the benefits of a good diet that contributes to a toxic-free lifestyle. These homemade recipes are designed to naturally sustain your nutritional requirements without breaking your bank account. They are meals that are free from wheat, bleached flour or sugar, preservatives, and food coloring.

Whenever I review a cookbook, I always attempt to cook at least two of the recommended recipes. I fell in love with the Fiery Breath Veggie Soup. While it is recommended during cool weather, it makes a great appetizer even in a warm climate. The Deluxe Double Chocolate Muffins is a delight to bake, and true enough, it is shockingly good. Hats off to K.J. Watt for creating Easy Fast-Food and Cookies Cookbook! She understands that our choices of food and recipes have a huge impact on our health and wellness. Even if you are not interested in healthy cooking, trying out these recipes will truly make you feel that the meals you prepare have a direct correlation to balanced food choices. This book is highly recommended as a good starting point for better health and fine cooking.

Marie-Hélène Fasquel

Easy Fast-Foods and Cookies Cookbook! by KJ Walt is, at first sight, a cookery book. On closer inspection, however, it is so much more than that: it is also a healthy recipe collection, and a health guide packed with advice on how to feel better (sleep better, get the right vitamins, fight cellulite, etc). It is engaging, easy to follow, and a great stepping stone to start being more mindful of our bodies and well-being. This guide is relatable as the author kindly writes to us as if she were next to us, as a friend, and this is extremely valuable. We feel confident that we will succeed if we follow her directions. She is constantly positive and benevolent.

Easy Fast-Foods and Cookies Cookbook! by KJ Walt is a fabulous collection of easy-to-make recipes. There is nothing complicated in these 183 pages: just lots of possible combinations of recipes and clear information. This book's purpose is first and foremost to help readers change their unhealthy habits one baby step at a time while enjoying nutritious and good food. The enjoyment factor is key to not feeling the need to eat sugary or greasy food. I particularly appreciate the advice, the additional tips, the pictures, the ingredients information (which I am going to tape to my fridge), the whole idea really. Thank you for sharing such a gem with us! It will accompany me for years to come to be sure.