Far Haven: A Quest for Certitude. A Fight for Justice. Abridged Edition

Part III of the Windflower Saga Trilogy

Fiction - Fantasy - Epic
224 Pages
Reviewed on 12/07/2018
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Author Biography

Aleksandra Layland is a retired civil engineer and federal civil servant who worked primarily for the United States Air Force as a senior installation engineering manager responsible for buildings, airfields, infrastructure, fire protection, and emergency preparedness. She also served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Western Caroline Islands where she helped build school classrooms and cafeterias, low-income housing, and simple village water distribution systems. Her other interests include arts and crafts, family genealogy, religion, and spirituality, fostering peace in the world, and enjoying retirement with family and friends.

    Book Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Far Haven: A Quest for Certitude. A Fight for Justice is a work of epic fantasy fiction written by author Aleksandra Layland. This edition forms the third and final part of the new abridged versions of the books of the Windflower Saga Trilogy. In this installment, we return to the Kingdom of Kimbria as a new age of technology, revolution and discovery dawns. Even as these incredible innovations are made, however, the old cut-throat ways of rogues and pirates reign supreme in the dark corners of the realm. In the center of this maelstrom, a couple married only by distant proxy are about to meet for the first time, in the hopes of a new future together.

I always enjoy returning to this epic, winding saga because of its highly successful world building: stepping into Kimbria is never a disappointment. Loris and Keridwen’s story is given the biggest spotlight in this new abridged version, bringing us as readers closer to the development of their interesting relationship. Loris makes for a damaged but still desirable hero that fantasy romance fans are sure to root for and sympathize with. Beyond that, the wider world is expanding into a time of international transport and convenient technology, which cleverly mirrors the real-world Industrial Revolution. Aleksandra Layland builds some really interesting political and social opinions into this development to give full flavor to the ongoing history of Kimbria itself. Overall, Far Haven: A Quest for Certitude. A Fight for Justice is a highly recommended read.

Divine Zape

Far Haven: A Quest for Certitude. A Fight for Justice is the third entry in The Windflower Saga Trilogy by Aleksandra Layland. This is an epic fantasy with a setting in the exotic land of Kimbria, a world with its own life, policies and culture, but one that is still threatened by bandits, pirates, and injustices. It is against this backdrop that Loris Kennet, a tribune of the Winged Cavalry, gets broken, unjustly jailed and driven to the point of near insanity. He embarks on a perilous journey that will test his morale, break him, and lead him on the path to a love he never dreamed could happen.

One of the things I enjoy about Aleksandra Layland’s writing is the prose and the ease with which she allows her imagination to drive the story. The conflict is powerful and it moves the plot forward. The reader encounters a man of rank who is quickly broken and begins to doubt everything, even himself. The nightmares become part of his world as he becomes an object in a powerful conspiracy. Character development is deftly handled and I enjoyed the way the author presents the psyche of the protagonist. The emotion is strong and readers will also enjoy the romance and how it builds up.

Loris and Keridwen are my favorite characters and I loved following the development of their relationship. I found myself smiling at the end of the narrative and the lovely conclusion: ‘“And what’s that?” Loris asked, kissing his wife’s fingers again. “The Ansgar motto. I know that my own heart and spirit are always filled with awe and wonder every time I Lift Mine Eyes.”’ Far Haven: A Quest for Certitude. A Fight for Justice is an exciting read for fans of epic fantasy, a beautiful story with well-developed characters and a setting that readers will enjoy exploring.

Asher Syed

Far Haven: A Quest for Certitude. A Fight for Justice by Aleksandra Layland is the third and final installment of the Windflower Saga series, preceded by Ansgar and Of Wisdom and Valor, as well as twelve spin-off novellas and stories that are all set in Layland's meticulously crafted and brilliantly built world. In this book, the Kingdom of Kimbria sets the stage with the youthful Keridwen Ulani asking the older Justin A'ata for his hand in marriage. Meanwhile, Loris Kennet is a man left with nothing following a spectacular fall from grace, tumbling from the height of his position within the Royal Cavalry of Pomerania. Banished by his father, Loris refuses to come to terms with a fate that he does not deserve.

Far Haven by Aleksandra Layland delivers an epic and unexpected finale full of all the qualities readers of the author's work have come to expect. The world building, in what is described as an alternate universe in a different timeline, is deliciously layered and intricately woven together. Still, Layland has somehow made Far Haven work as a standalone...but reading it as one would rob anyone new to the trilogy of all the complex history constructed in the lead-up to this unpredictable conclusion. The characters are both beautifully and imperfectly drawn, and the development of a plot that carries just the right amount of tension through each twist and turn, each action sequence, and every trial is right on point. I imagine that the entire Windflower Saga will find a wide audience in the genre of epic fantasy, and am certain it will be enjoyed by all who read it.

Tammy Ruggles

Far Haven by Aleksandra Layland is Part III of the Windflower Saga Trilogy and a compelling read for hungry fantasy epic fans. Peace has smiled on the Kingdom of Kimbria. Science and industry are advancing. But that doesn't stop pirates and criminals from trying to thrive in this new era. A convicted criminal arrives here, ill, shunned, and in an arranged marriage to a widow he doesn't know. With all of this going on, can he find hope, healing, and love? This is part of a sweeping saga with broad, bold themes of good against evil, war against peace, and love against hate. If you like to lose yourself in deep stories with well-fleshed-out characters, keep reading.

Layland grounds this story in awesome world-building from the names of the characters to the descriptions of the settings. This helps the reader feel as though he/she is part of the story or one of the characters. The plot is one you want to follow all the way through because you keep wondering how it will work out in the end, and the abridged version is perfect for a streamlined experience. The pace is even, ebbing and flowing where it needs to. Loris and Keridwen are intriguing characters that are the main focus of this offering. I like how the author brings the development of world history into the story, making it seem even more realistic. These characters aren't perfect and have their problems, but that's what endears you to them. You begin to know them better and wonder what choices you would make in the same circumstances. For fans of the Windflower Saga, or those looking for an emotionally rewarding fantasy romance, Far Haven by Aleksandra Layland is a must-read.