Final Outcome

An Apocalyptic Mystery Thriller

Fiction - Horror
722 Pages
Reviewed on 03/22/2011
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Author Biography

McPike's debut novel FINAL OUTCOME was nominated for the 17th EVVY Awards. Only 5% of his publisher's books receive this honor. It also earned the silver medal from READERS FAVORITE in the Christian/Fantasy genre. He won the Ponderosa Lion's Club Spelling Bee Championship in 1997. His background includes paralegal experience and computer development/design. Be sure to check out his latest breakout hit REALM OF THE UNKNOWN. He welcomes readers to email him at

    Book Review

Reviewed by Fiona Ingram for Readers' Favorite

Lewis Snyder, an American soldier on duty in Iraq, stumbles across an ancient Sumerian relic inside an old mosque but forgets about it in the turmoil and bloodshed surrounding him. A few years later, he is out the war zone and ‘retired’ from active duty. His experiences have left him scarred and disillusioned. The last thing he wants is any involvement with the military. However, Snyder is the best man for the job NASA has in mind for him because he is the best at his job. In the intervening years, NASA has picked up a radio signal from a distant planet, code name Oblivion. This information holds dire implications for humankind, and to date no one besides a small group of top military personnel knows anything about it. At a meeting with a team of experts, Snyder learns that the relic originates from this planet and the strange symbols carved into it are meaningful. One member of the team is a knowledgeable preacher who knows his Bible backwards and is not afraid to speak up.

Their mission is to travel to this mysterious planet via an advanced technology, using wormholes, and investigate the place. Satellite pictures reveal a ruined ancient city with temples and pyramids that appear to predate the earliest known buildings on Earth. Once there, the team find themselves being picked off, one by one, by some kind of monstrous entities. Are they gods, demons, or fallen angels? Snyder comes full circle and faces his past when he realizes that he confronted this ancient enemy long ago in his youth. Can Snyder prevent these once glorious creatures from recolonizing Earth? Who will win the ultimate battle between good and evil?

This is a blockbuster read for sci-fi and fantasy fiction fans. The author has created a fascinating blend of fantasy, technology, history, and archaeology to take this novel out of the ordinary and give readers something thought provoking. The character of Lewis Snyder, an excellent main protagonist, holds everything together as he works out the enemy’s next step. The plot has enthralling twists and turns, and taps into age-old beliefs that still have the power to move us. My one disappointment was the characters of the two female team members. They were shallow and more like glamor girls than real scientists. That said, the author paints a brilliant picture of a 'sulfurous' ‘otherworld’ to which the fallen angels retreated after the Great Flood. Their gradual disintegration into decay is compelling. With mounting tension, non-stop action, and a powerful sideswipe of an ending (I never saw it coming!) this book will keep readers riveted. The novel was deservedly nominated for the 17th EVVY Awards.


If you thought Stephen King's The Stand was a good read, you'll love this one.

Paul J.

A disgruntled war veteran finds an ancient artifact in a Sumerian tomb while in the Iraqi warzone. With a general's help, they start to learn its secrets and find out that it leads to a biblical treasure located on another planet. With the help of NASA and a well-informed preacher, they travel there to find the treasure, discovering ancient ruins along the way. They also learn that this was once the home for fallen angels. The closer they get to finding the treasure the more dangerous things become and they soon learn that the worst villain of all may be waiting for them at the end.

Final Outcome: An Apocalyptic Mystery Thriller is a very large book, and I commend the author on the effort and perseverance to complete it. It has an interesting plot and is a very good story.

Molly E.

I'm generally not a SciFi/Fantasy reader, but when I read the premise of this particular novel, I was quite intrigued and willing to give it a shot. I sat down with it, and cleared my mind,opened the novel, and was quickly swept to the heart of the story. McPike takes complex characters and gripping plot lines, weaving them together to form a novel that is not only addictive, it's jaw-dropping fascinating.

Weaving together the classic right/wrong scenario, McPike takes his readers on an epic journey through an apocalyptic suspense ride. From the beginning, the reader is absolutely hooked. You quickly get pulled into the action and the mysteriousness of the story, turning each page with new anticipation of what will happen next.

Having grown up as a military brat, I'm always rather partial to books with Soldiers in them, so Lewis Snyder's character was a huge factor in my willingness to read this. Snyder's tour of duty in Iraq is over and all he wants to do is retire, and live a happy life away from all the blood and gore that comes with a horrific war. Getting a call from NASA to be placed on an assignment for them is really not in his plans.

Following Snyder as he makes the trip to another planet with his team, was absolutely awesome. I felt myself walking beside him, seeing the planet,watching as the team quickly disintegrates one by one by the hands of something unknown to man kind, and dealing with all the turmoil and mystery of the new assignment. It was an incredibly awesome experience.

I totally recommend this novel if you are looking for that intense, action filled book. McPike knows just what his readers are looking for and dishes it out to them in a fantastic book. I am glad I had the chance to read this novel, and for sure, it will not be my last by this amazing author!

Anne B.

In 2007 Lieutenant Lewis Snyder and his courageous team went to Iraq to capture the sadist Sadr, dead or alive. Sadr had ties to al Qaeda, planned bombings against Coalition camps, supplied terrorists with IEDs and had no regrets about kidnapping or massacring both soldiers and civilians. Lieutenant Lewis Snyder and his team proved themselves heroes in the defeat of Sadr. Two years later the G8 leaders were meeting to discuss the world situation. The Middle East was in utter chaos. The war was spreading, terrorist cells were growing, and they were close to a million civilian casualties. A war laid ahead, the nature of which they had never before faced.

The action moves to Pensacola, Florida. Brooke Kline, head of public relations and technical support at NASA, was running late for her meeting. It was obvious something big was going on. General West had gathered the best in their field for the classified meeting. West traveled crossed the country to track down Lewis Snyder and asked him to once again serve his country. Lewis was still living with the nightmares of fighting in the Middle East. What lay ahead would go beyond nightmares, he would do battle with the devil himself.

I found this book hard to summarize, there is so many important aspects that I wanted to mention but they all seemed like spoilers. Just take my word for it; James B. McPike has penned a ground breaking novel that spans genres. It is hard to believe Final Outcome is McPike’s first book; he writes like a seasoned author. I was quickly caught up in the high energy, non-stop action of this book. I was transported to Iraq, NASA and then to a place I hope I never see.

I liked Snyder; he came to life on the pages and walked into my heart. He and Kline as the lead characters complimented each other. Various other secondary characters were well developed and add dimension to the plot. The twists and turns that will leave the reader reeling. This tale will leave you begging for more.