Flying Beyond the Syllabus

What You Weren't Taught in Groundschool

Non-Fiction - Occupational
100 Pages
Reviewed on 12/03/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite

Flying Beyond the Syllabus: What You Weren't Taught in Groundschool by Ryan Domenick is a book for pilots and scientists, and I must say that it’s for those who love to deal with complex equations. Right from the beginning of the book, the author states: “Armed with the concepts of vector spaces, Newtonian physics, and the lift equation, we can more readily explain a host of aerodynamic properties.” He goes on to do just that, speaking with mastery about the laws of physics and how they apply to the art or the science of flying a plane, and in a style that combines equations, telling diagrams, and concise explanations to drive his message home. Here is a book that lifts the veil and reveals the very beauty of flying anything. In this book, the author explains concepts like the lift equation, centrifugal force and how it affects speed, vector spaces, induced drag and how it relates to velocity, and a lot more.

The author brings to readers the theories of prominent physicists and demonstrates how they contribute to engineering and flying a plane. Here is a fair warning: this is not a book for the ordinary reader. It is laced with jargon, a language that excites the mind, and diagrams that make the reader stop to think. You should be a student pilot or a seasoned pilot to enjoy this book, or you should be so good at mathematical equations and have a love for physics to enjoy this book. The author speaks with great mastery and one has the feeling that he has been studying this subject for a very long time. Slim as it appears, Flying Beyond the Syllabus: What You Weren't Taught in Groundschool is a gem for pilots and wannabe pilots, a book with enough information to transform the flying experience into a beautiful and memorable one. Ryan Domenick knows exactly what he is talking about and the confidence with which he writes speaks for itself.