Tales from Anywhere

Non-Fiction - Travel
96 Pages
Reviewed on 08/30/2017
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Author Biography

The author spent fifteen years traveling around the world. These are some of the adventures he wrote down. Andrew Klein was born in New York, raised in California, and educated in 66 wonderful countries. He now lives with his family north of Atlanta where he writes the children's book series, 'The Fantastic Adventures of Oliver Phenomena'.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite

There is a distinct fascination with seeing and experiencing life in another part of the world. The lure of travel is real and, for those who can, it becomes an experience that stays with them for a lifetime. For those who are unable to travel, for whatever reason, there are ways to enjoy the experiences of others, through travelogue presentations and films, and written accounts by those who have made the trip. There are so many unique opportunities around the world, so many ways to experience life: through the sights and the people one meets along the way, and not just the locals, but also fellow travellers.

Andrew Klein is a self-professed travel addict. He loves to travel and he’s made many trips around the world, working whenever and wherever to pay his way. After fifteen years of travel adventures, it’s understandable that this traveller would have a few stories to tell. And that’s what he did, until his listeners convinced him that he should write down his stories for others to share and enjoy. Footprints: Tales from Anywhere is a collection of Andrew’s stories with a few snippets of photographs to accompany the tales. From England to Greece to Taiwan and many other places beyond and in between, this traveller-turned-author has a few unique stories up his sleeve. And he admits that there may be several more that missed the cut for this collection of short stories. This is an interesting view into a world beyond and the people one meets along the way. An interesting collection of travel stories.