Freckles and the Less Fortunate

Freckles the Bunny Series (Volume 2)

Children - Animals
38 Pages
Reviewed on 07/12/2013
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Author Biography

Vickianne Caswell is married and has one daughter, who has an amazing gift with animals (all animals, wild or tame seem to love her). Vickianne was raised an animal lover, in the city and continues to pass that on to her daughter. Vickianne hopes to pass the love and joy of animals to other children through these books. She has been doing writing at home since she was a teenager, after her father got her interested in writing when he published a poem. She has done a few articles for a small paper on animal care and continues to experience the joys of pet ownership on an acreage where the family lives. As new animals enter their family, new characters may appear, so stay tuned!

The author's daughter always loves it when she makes up stories, especially when it includes their pets. She had been wanting to write about Freckles, her favorite rabbit & her "baby" before her daughter. As the years passed, her daughter started going to school, encountering bullies, their lives changed and the original Freckles passed away, she wanted more than ever to put something on paper to remember Freckles by and for others to be able to enjoy her as much as their family did. She thought of all the experiences her daughter, their family had been through and all of the mischief Freckles caused, so it seemed natural to write them down for children to learn from them, in a way they would find entertaining.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Michelle Robertson for Readers' Favorite

Freckles and the Less Fortunate (Freckles the Bunny Series) (Volume 2) is written by Vickianne Caswell. This book is a children's book about animals. The design and layout of the book enables a child to follow along with the story using the beautifully colored and vibrant illustrations. The plot is a powerful story that is both educational and inspirational, providing a life lesson of giving to those who are less fortunate.

The book conveys a heart warming message of a young girl bunny who learns how to not be so selfish and that giving to those who are less fortunate can be just as fulfilling as getting new things, when a new student enters her school and doesn't have all the special things the other students take for granted.

Vickianne Caswell did a superb job on her book Freckles and the Less Fortunate. I enjoyed reading this book. At the end of the story the author provides a behind-the-story section, a fun facts section, and an activity. I loved that the book told more about the characters. Most young readers want to know about the characters in the stories they are reading. The fun facts section makes the story more creative and entertaining. The activity allows for a themes art project after a story session, a great addition to a child's day. This book, with its life lesson, review section and activity is a great book for all parents and teachers to read, use, and enjoy.

Joseph D. Means

This book is well written and presents children with the issues of children that are less fortunate. Freckles is a young rabbit who is a typical youngster, wanting everything she sees. Her mother begins to teach her of other people who are not as prosperous as she is, by giving money and food to a local charity.

Later in the book, Freckles befriends a new girl in class that she eventually finds out is not as well off as she and her family. She begins to see that giving is more blessed than receiving.

This book is a great educational tool for young people. It is wonderfully illustrated with bright colors, that will capture the attention of younger children, while teaching them one of life's valuable lessons.

I recommend this book and the entire series as they are educational and fun.

Sandra Bennett

The heartwarming story of how Freckles learns to give and share with those that are not as comfortable as her own family. Like most kids, Freckles wants everything she sees when she goes shopping with her mum and doesn't understand why she can't have what she asks for. It isn't until a new clasmate arrives that barely has enough food for lunch or toys of her own to play with that Freckles realsies how lucky she really is.

The generosity and kindness in this story is so touching that it nearly brought me to tears. Beautifully written and illustrated it is an excellent read-aloud story for the whole family to enjoy and treasure. Children will learn in a gently guided atmosphere that to give is better than to receive as they read how happy Freckles and her family are when they are able to help other families that are not doing as well as themselves.

Stay tuned for more in this gorgeous little series. I am sure that it is just the beginning as Freckles still has so much more to learn and share with children young and old

Freckles' Biggest Fan

"I am the biggest fan because I love the pickle that flew across Boots' face. My favorite characters were Tiger, Freckles and Donut. The author is AWESOME. I really liked petting Freckles, the real bunny. I want to hear more stories please."

Boy, 8yrs old

"My favorite part of the book was when he spit the pickle out and I liked when Donut ran in a circle. My favorite character is Freckles." (Donut running in circles is found in book 1)

Girl, 8 yrs old

"The stories are funny."

Boy, 6 yrs old

"The stories were funny, I laughed a lot. The author was a great story teller."

Boy, 7yrs old

"They are so funny. I like Donut."

Claire J.

Fun for both parent and child, guaranteed to raise a smile. Children will easily associate day to day activites, problems and lessons to be learned within these pages. Great writing and illustrations that will draw all children into the world of the Caswell animals.

Gina LoBiondo

What an absolutely adorable story! FRECKLES AND THE LESS FORTUNATE is the second in a continuing series of children’s picture books by author Vickianne Caswell. The star of the series is a young bunny named Freckles and in this story she learns a lesson in sharing with another young rabbit, whose family doesn't always have enough. Freckles becomes friends with Stew and learns to share and not want everything she sees. It's a lesson many kids today should be learning.