Ghost Hunt: Chilling Tales of the Unknown

Children - Grade 4th-6th
304 Pages
Reviewed on 10/08/2011
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Reviewed by Rita Vetsch for Readers' Favorite

Ghost Hunt, Chilling Tales of the Unknown is a spine-tingling novel written by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, with Cameron Dokey. This book is the first in a collection of case files from The Atlanta Paranormal Society, TAPS. Contained in this novel are eight individual chilling ghost stories based on real life experiences and true events that sent the TAPS team to investigate. These intriguing stories include: pennies that appear out of nowhere repeatedly on a young man’s bedroom floor; a dark haunted figure that hovers over the water; a 12-year-old boy asks the team to investigate three ghosts in his home and none of them appear to have legs; a case that involves TAPS exploring Fort Mifflin where 150 soldiers had lost their lives; a house haunted by loud knocking noises that actually tie in to a familiar tune; a jealous ghost that acts out against the living; a teenager who disturbs a grave site brings an angry spirit back home with him; and a little girl who can see and talk to her grandmother who had passed away three months earlier. There is also a chapter at the end of the book entitled, "The Ghost Hunt Guide," which tells you precisely how to setup your own paranormal investigation.

Ghost Hunt is written specifically for children in grades 4-9, but even the adults will enjoy these thrilling stories! The cover is captivating and mysterious with the graveyard setting and really captures the reader’s attention immediately. The plot of each story is easy for older children to comprehend; and while it is a thriller, it is written delicately so children will be on their edge of their seat, but without the blood, guts and gore. It is written very tastefully, and I loved the build-up of suspense and found that I could not put this book down! What is most fascinating about these stories is that they are based on true events. Almost everyone has had some type of paranormal experience in their life that they cannot explain and can truly relate to these stories, myself included. Jason and Grant really hit it out of the ballpark with this mysterious and fun read for all ages. I absolutely enjoyed each story and found the Ghost Hunt Guide to be very informational and helpful.

ghost hunt

its an awesome book