Gift for the Messenger

An Illuminating Journey

Fiction - Short Story/Novela
65 Pages
Reviewed on 07/02/2022
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Author Biography

Fireflysue is an emerging author of fiction. Her writing has been influenced by the baby-boomer age and its experiences. Her life experiences have come from growing up in American’s Deep South, having been in our military and pursuing an education in social issues.

Being swept away years ago by the storytelling of writers such as Richard Bach and his book, Illusions, The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah and C.S. Lewis’s intriguing book series, The Space Trilogy, Fireflysue found fictional writing to be an avenue for expressing her magically creative adventures. She’s a lover of nature, embraces Mother Earth Spirituality and enjoys having her dog take her for walks.

Fireflysue balances her time between home in Southern California and as a traveling explorer - embracing life with gratitude while spending joyful playtime with Angels!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Astrid Iustulin for Readers' Favorite

When Maria dies, her friend and protagonist of Gift for the Messenger: An Illuminating Journey by Fireflysue feels the desire to create a private ceremony to honor her. She also realizes that Maria wants her to know that she approves of her intention to go on a trip to experience Ayahuasca and fulfill a wish she has had for a long time. During this journey, which will take our protagonist to Iquitos, Peru, she will not only be able to experience Ayahuasca but also bring a message to David, a man who had been mentioned to her by snakes in a vision. How will her trip go? Follow her adventure.

Some powerful forces in nature are often underestimated in everyday life. So, when a protagonist deals with this kind of thing, it is always a pleasure to follow and find out how she relates to them. Gift for the Messenger tells a short story, but one that has all the strength of these elements. I really liked how Fireflysue recounted her protagonist's experiences and how her short story is divided between her mission to honor her deceased friend and the message she has to bring to David. Furthermore, it seems to me that this is a book you should read with an open mind and the ability to accept the existence of forces that we usually ignore. I recommend Gift for the Messenger to readers with this ability and love stories that are different from the usual but are no less profound.

Jennie More

Gift for the Messenger by Fireflysue is the story of a 58 soon to be a 59-year-old woman who has a special gift. She receives messages in her dreams, and her task is to deliver the message to the person it is meant to reach. To share the unsettling message or vision to someone who appeared in her dream, she travels to Iquitos for a 12-day Ayahuasca retreat in Peru. A man named David runs the retreat and is also the intended recipient of the message as her latest vision pertains to him. However, she is nervous about delivering the message because David turns out to be an unapproachable person. During her time at the retreat, she also has a spiritual awakening as she gets to share a wonderful and spiritual time with her dead best friend, Maria. Unexpectedly she also finds out that Ayahuasca had a special message for her after she had delivered her message to David.

Gift for the Messenger by Fireflysue is a well-written story about a woman who spiritually connects to earth, nature, and plants. The narrator is spiritually enlightened, and she lives a life of love and gratitude, and this comes through in how she communicates with others and approaches difficult situations. Generally, regardless of spiritual beliefs, Gift of the Messenger is about self-awareness and listening and acting on the instructions of your spiritual being. Having read the story with an open mind to different experiences, I found Gift for the Messenger to be a light-hearted, refreshing, and heart-warming story about one woman sharing her gift and enthusiastically persisting on her spiritual journey.

Pikasho Deka

Get ready for a surreal experience with Gift for the Messenger by Fireflysue. After the death of a close friend, a free-spirited human plans for a 12-day Ayahuasca retreat deep in the heart of the Amazon. Used to visions of spirits telling them to help their fellow earthly beings, the narrator now sees a vision where someone asks them to go and see a man called David. Taking the message to heart, the narrator embarks on their journey away from the hustle and bustle of Northern California to the secluded serenity of the Peruvian forests. To their surprise, the retreat owner is none other than David. Immediately, they realize that David clearly has some issues he needs to tackle. After an illuminating journey to other realms under the influence of Ayahuasca, can the narrator get their message across to David?

Dreamy and otherworldly, Gift for the Messenger puts you in a trance to take you on a surprisingly beautiful odyssey you don't want to end. Author Fireflysue tells a uniquely authentic tale of a gifted person doing their best to help others receive their messages from the beyond. This is a touching story full of heart and charm and fills you with a sense of wonder and awe so that you can't help but marvel at the sheer beauty of life in the cosmos. The narrative is clear and concise. Fireflysue wastes few words and has things moving from the get-go. If you love to read surreal stories, this is the book for you.