Go Down Swinging

Erotic Romance for Professional Women

Romance - Sizzle
73 Pages
Reviewed on 05/20/2017
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Author Biography

I am a busy professional during the day and write at night. While my genre is else where, I do like the challenge of writing fiction that closely resembles my life. Not entirely resembles my life but pretty close at times. I hope you enjoy.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite

Go Down Swinging by Joseph M Erickson is an Erotic Romance for Professional Women. Carlos Rodriguez has everything he ever wanted – a great job, a successful wife and three lovely daughters. Things go downhill when he discovers his wife in bed with another man. Cousin Colleen takes control and together they come up with a plan that will ensure his future and that of his daughters. Colleen runs a successful escort business and, over the course of the plan, Carlos spends his free time satisfying the sexual fantasies of rich professional women as the only male in the escort agency. Follow Carlos and his cousin as they hatch a surprising plan to wreak vengeance on his wife and ensure that he gets to keep his daughters with him.

Go Down Swinging: Erotic Romance for Professional Women by Joseph M Erickson is definitely not a book for anyone easily offended by scenes of a graphic sexual nature or swearing. That said, this is a tastefully done story, fun to read and, unlike many books of this nature, with a proper storyline. This is action all the way, in more than one sense of the word, with a great plot that ties in with the sex scenes. The whole story flows naturally to a conclusive twist over the course of two novellas with no rushed ending and plenty of surprises along the way. The characters were well developed, definitely in more than one sense and suited to the story perfectly. I really enjoyed this and will definitely be looking for more from Mr. Erickson in the future.

Ankita Shukla

Go Down Swinging - Erotic Romance for Professional Women by Joseph M. Erickson is the story of infidelity, the planning of revenge, parenthood, and, as the title suggests, erotica. Carlos Rodriguez is a family man who is married to a very rich woman, Jessica. Together they have produced three beautiful daughters. One day before their anniversary, Carlos comes home early to surprise his wife; however, a bigger surprise awaits him. He listens to his wife moaning and screaming in pleasure with another man. He would have killed them both, but his cousin, Colleen (who had come to drop him at his home), stops him and drags him back to the car. She shakes him back to the reality that he mustn't do anything he might regret for he has his daughters to consider. In order to get rid of his rich wife, he needs lots of money; Colleen comes to his rescue by offering him a position in her business, Dream-Catcher Fantasies.

Although it is an erotic romance, the focus is not entirely on erotica. The author has cleverly added multiple emotional factors: Carlos' undying anger towards his wife, his consideration for his kids' well-being above anything else, Jessica's concern over the lack of their sex life, a cousin's concern over his happiness -- to name a few. The descriptions of sexual scenes are quite graphic and definitely meant for adults only. I am not a fan of erotica; however, the effective story-telling by the author kept me interested in finding out how Carlos would plan his revenge on his wife. The climax of the fiction, an abrupt ending, did not sit well with me, but I enjoyed the journey of reading until the last page. I would recommend this book to fans of erotica.

Arya Fomonyuy

Go Down Swinging: Erotic Romance for Professional Women by Joseph M. Erickson is a slim collection of two erotic novellas, featuring the therapist Carlos Rodriguez. Carlos has the perfect life any man would dream of; a beautiful wife who is a doctor, a great practice as the only male therapist in his neighborhood, and a nice home. But then he surprises his wife in bed with another man. Watch as he and his cousins create a master plan for revenge and how he revels in a lifestyle filled with beautiful women who frequent his office and how he indulges in sexual games. This is erotica, and readers are treated to intense and passionate sex scenes. This is not a book for young readers and not even one for those who are not into erotica. I think this is a fair warning. That said, let’s look at what works well in this book.

The two novellas are well-crafted with great storylines. One doesn’t feel like it is just sex for sex’s sake. There are characters who are well-developed, involved in a conflict, and readers can watch as they evolve. It is incredible to see how Carlos Rodriguez is transformed, and Colleen, his cousin and an escort, has a great influence in his life. These two novellas are emotionally charged and the reader will feel hot and warm and aroused in incredible ways. Go Down Swinging: Erotic Romance for Professional Women features great writing. Joseph M. Erickson has a style that makes readers feel like they are participating in the sex scenes through vivid and powerful descriptions of the scenes, the action, and words that awaken the most powerful sexual feelings in characters. It’s sizzling, hot, and utterly absorbing.

Clarissa Douthit - US Review of Books

"He prefers women over forty-five years old who are articulate, intelligent and bright working professionals in need of attention and fun. Be careful ladies, Jett is addictive and you will want to take him home!"

There is nothing sexier than a well-written adult story. This book has it all: infidelity, sex, emotional drama, soul searching, and revenge. Ellis grasps the reader’s imagination with a gripping, heart-wrenching tale of infidelity, descriptive sex, and emotional torment. The writing is intense and slick with erotically vivid language.

The novellas’ main character, Carlos, faces the reality of a failing marriage that he thought was built on love, but was in fact build on lust, wealth, and power. After returning early from a business trip to surprise his wife a day before their anniversary, Carlos is devastated when he arrives home and hears his wife, Dr. Jessica Davenport, having sex with another man. He is furious and wants to harm his wife and her lover. However, Carlos’ foster sister, Colleen, convinces him to consider the consequences: losing custody of his three daughters and prison time. Instead, she suggests sweet revenge.

Fast forward two years. Carlos has refocused and gotten himself in shape. He and his sisters, Colleen and Kristen, and a few select staff create a sex fantasy business for mature women. The money earned from this venture is to fund his impending divorce and custody battle. Anger can be the best motivator. Carlos has difficult decisions to make leaving him at the cusp of good and evil.

Although intense, the story is classy and romantically erotic. It’s fast-paced and reads like a television soap opera. Ellis’ narrative is excellent with an emotionally charged conclusion, leaving the reader yearning for more.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review