Haunted Ground

The Ghosts of Laskin's Farm

Fiction - Horror
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 05/02/2023
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Author Biography

Author of the bestselling trilogy, the Elders, Cailyn Lloyd, spent three years living in a truly haunted house and experienced firsthand the nuances of strange and eerie places. Haunted Ground is her highly anticipated fifth novel in the ghost and horror genre.

In addition to writing, Cailyn is an accomplished weather photographer. Her work has appeared in newspapers, textbooks and publications including Life Magazine. She is also a composer and musician with three album releases to her credit. Cailyn lives near the Kettle Moraine State Forest in Wisconsin and when she’s not writing spooky stories, loves hiking with her dogs and spending time with her children.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Alma Boucher for Readers' Favorite

Haunted Ground: The Ghosts of Laskin's Farm is a horror novel by Cailyn Lloyd. Kat Lundquist is released on parole and is looking for shelter. Kat testified against the cartel for a lighter sentence and is running from Harven and his men who want her dead after her testimony against them. Kat finds an abandoned farmhouse, and there are signs that someone has left in a hurry. One night the house shuddered and shook and the earthquake released an evil spirit. Strange things start to happen around the farmhouse, and the town is terrorized by strange crimes. Kat joins forces with her new friend Justin. Kat is desperate to escape the cartel and also has her hands full with the evil spirit from the farmhouse. Kat cannot decide where her biggest threat lies - the cartel she is running from or the haunted past of the farmhouse.

Haunted Ground is intriguing and complicated. I was hooked from the start, and I could not put it down. There was no way I could predict the outcome, and I kept turning the pages to find out what would happen next. The elements of an earthquake, evil spirits, and an abandoned farmhouse added to this interesting story. Cailyn Lloyd created fantastic characters that were authentic. My favorite was Kat and I could not help but like her. After all the mistakes she made, she wanted to better herself. I enjoyed the chemistry between Kat and Justin. It made for lighter moments amid the evil and horror. The story was fast-paced with plenty of nail-biting action. This is the most fascinating horror story that I have read in a long time.

Keith Mbuya

Kat Landquist was now free after a five-year stint in prison. While her former boss Harven – a notorious drug dealer – had not tried to have her killed in prison, Kat believed he was still after her life. How could he not? She had ratted out Harven’s business accomplices for a lighter sentence. To stay off Harven’s radar, Kat moves to an old abandoned farmhouse in the village of Walden, a small town in Wisconsin. As if on cue, Walden is hit by a series of earthquakes. Kat soon finds herself ensnared by Justin, a geologist studying the tremors in Walden. But then, unknown to both of them, grievous danger lurks within the walls of the farmhouse. It is haunted. Get yourself Cailyn Lloyd’s Haunted Ground: The Ghosts of Laskin’s Farm to know what happens to Kat.

Lovers of spine-chilling horror novels with a touch of romance will not get enough of Cailyn Lloyd’s Haunted Ground. Drawing the heart-beat of the plot from a compelling tale of jilted love, redemption, trust, ghosts, scientists, money, drug dealers, evil, shamans, and so much more, Cailyn weaves an ingenious plot. The accompanying macabre tone, and the impressive blend of mystery, suspense, thrills, and adventure in the story all had me hooked, flipping through page after page. Cailyn has a knack for vividly depicting the mood and setting of a horror set. This coupled with the way the well-crafted cast’s emotions are depicted made me feel like I was right beside the characters, helplessly watching the scenes unfold. I loved Haunted Ground.

Anne-Marie Reynolds

Haunted Ground: The Ghosts of Laskin's Farm by Cailyn Lloyd is a gruesome paranormal horror story. Kat Lundquist is an ex-con, and she’s on the run again, this time from cartel enforcers. She takes shelter in an old empty farmhouse, thinking she’s safe, but the enforcers are small fry compared to what Kat is about to face. As an earthquake rumbles into life, it stirs up something hidden deep below the farmhouse. The enforcers discover where Kat is hiding, and she prepares to fight, joining a geologist who stumbles on the farmhouse and a psychic. But something far worse is about to happen, and the gunmen are forgotten as the paranormal takes root at Laskin's Farm. Can they fight an unspeakable horror, or will it take them back into the ground with it?

Haunted Ground by Cailyn Lloyd is a fascinating story, as much a lesson in geology as a horror story. It’s enjoyable to read, written engagingly, with enough tension and suspense to keep you hooked. You might think it feels like a geology book, but you’ll understand why you need to know so much as the story goes on, as it’s critical to follow it. The characters are great, built up gradually throughout the story into likable, relatable people, and the story moves seamlessly between their points of view. It’s a fast-paced tale with plenty of nail-biting action and suspense; you won’t want to put it down. If you love thrillers, horror, or paranormal stories, you’ll love this one.