Heal Forward

Transform Emotional Scars into Impact

Non-Fiction - Inspirational
62 Pages
Reviewed on 07/27/2023
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Author Biography

As a survivor of Stage 3c breast cancer, Diane M. Simard is an advocate for expanding access to mental health resources for those impacted by the psychological trauma of cancer. Her work as an award-winning writer, motivational speaker, podcaster, and a strategy consultant to senior business executives earned her recognition as one of the 100 inaugural "National Women in Business to Watch" by bizwomen.com.

Her first book, "The Unlikely Gift of Breast Cancer," was named one of the best breast cancer books of all time by BookAuthority, placed third in the memoir category of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association book awards, and received a 5-star rating from Readers Favorite.

Her other recent honors include Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Denver, Top Woman in Energy, Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation honoree, Outstanding Woman in Business in Technology and Telecom by the Denver Business Journal, and the Bob Cardenas Award for her support of veterans and the military. In addition, Diane was named the Aurora, Colorado Chamber Woman of the Year, a Mile High Girl Scouts Woman of Distinction, and a University of Nebraska-Kearney Distinguished Alumna.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Philip Van Heusen for Readers' Favorite

I believe we all have emotional scars, but how many people know that those scars can be transformed into life-changing events? Diane M. Simard does. She shares her ten life principles in Heal Forward: Transform Emotional Scars into Impact. The first step to growth and fruition is to heal from emotional scars. Then, we need to seek peace and balance. Peace is hard to find, but we can create it. Respect has to be earned constantly. We need respect more than adoration. We have two ears and only one mouth. Therefore, we must learn how to listen more than we speak. Ask questions, but check the sources. I am a strong believer in life-long education, and so is Diane. One lesson we all need to learn is to confront and solve problems before they become unsolvable. While many people shy away from challenges, a wise person learns to appreciate and learn from them. I often say, “Different is good.” That links to Diane’s seventh principle. Learn from these principles and the three others in this interesting little volume.

Diane M. Simard has faced difficult circumstances, including abuse, divorce, and breast cancer. She could have given up, and no one would have blamed her. However, she decided to thrive through adversities. She shares how you can also succeed through your struggles in Heal Forward. Diane knows her stuff from experience. Not only does she know the keys to growth, but she also knows how to write in an informative and interesting way. As you read her book, you will be eager to read the next chapter and page to see what wisdom she shares next. She shares engaging, true stories to add interesting examples. Diane is an experienced mentor and freely shares her knowledge with her readers. This book will give ideas for stepping stones to living above your circumstances and adversities. I highly recommend you read this book and watch your life grow instead of stagnate.

Luwi Nyakansaila

At age fifty, Diane M. Simard is diagnosed with breast cancer, and past trauma she thought was long buried resurfaces. Everything comes flooding back from her father’s rejection to pushing people away, and she embarks on a healing journey. On her journey, Diane is reborn and finds a new and positive way of living. Heal Forward highlights the life principles she learned and how they can help you understand who you are and why you are you. She talks about leadership and mentoring, emotional scars, humbleness, asking questions and listening, accepting each other’s differences, and many more topics. The author uses examples from her life, her husband’s experiences, and her friends’ lives to help readers understand how to apply these principles. Get a copy of this book to begin your healing and live a life with purpose.

What we can do is amazing if we look past the negative energy and see the endless possibilities right before us. Heal Forward by Diane M. Simard lays the foundation for discovering who you are and helps you face your past demons and find closure most beautifully. I loved her drive to make a positive impact and help others grow. She encourages readers to seek success, not to build their egos or for notoriety, but to find joy in helping others. Learning from others is also part of the journey. We all go through different types of trauma and respond to situations differently, which is why I loved that she talks about her friends who went through domestic abuse and overcame weight loss failure. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to understand their emotional trauma and transform it into positive energy.

Pikasho Deka

Recovering from trauma and pain can be a lifelong process. Too often, trauma can impact a person's life in the most unexpected of times and at various stages of their lives. Diane M. Simard is a writer, survivor mentor, motivational speaker, and advocate who sheds light on cancer-induced psychological trauma. Diane was six years old when she witnessed her father being admitted to the psychiatric ward of the Veterans Administration Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska. In her forties, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. In Heal Forward, Diane shares her journey as a cancer survivor and mentor, recounting stories from her personal life to inspire readers and provide them with the courage and motivation to face and overcome their trauma and find the path of healing forward.

After learning expensive lessons while investing in dysfunctional entrepreneurial start-ups, Diane M. Simard focused on the leadership qualities required to grow a profitable private company. She concluded that to be an inspiring leader, a person has to lead with integrity and a results-driven approach. Heal Forward is part autobiographical memoir and part leadership handbook, which showcases how wisdom gained from past mistakes and learning self-forgiveness help you overcome the challenges and curveballs that life sometimes throws your way. Diane draws inspiration from her life experiences and the struggles she experienced as a cancer survivor to provide valuable insights to help readers find the necessary tools to overcome adversity. Her stories are relatable and flavored with humor and heart. Overall, I found the book very inspiring and it is highly recommended.