How to Kiss the Universe

An Inspirational Spiritual and Metaphysical Narrative about Human Origin, Essence and Destiny

Non-Fiction - Inspirational
339 Pages
Reviewed on 07/26/2022
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Author Biography

JOZEF SIMKOVIC came to the United States in 1987 as a refugee from Czechoslovakia which was still governed by the communist regime at that time. After settling in the United States with his family, he spent most of his time in the country working as a radio journalist for the Slovak Service of The Voice of America. Later after the Slovak Service was closed, he continued work as a broadcasting engineer for VOA. In 2003, he was awarded the VOA Gold Medal for bringing the news to his native country of Slovakia in a meaningful way and entertaining fashion.
He considered his work for VOA to be his life mission, but later during his engineer years, he discovered his even more important destiny while taking part in numerous meditation programs at the famous Monroe Institute in Virginia. His extensive diary from these programs and other countless meditations became the foundation for his books.
Before coming to the United States, Jozef Simkovic completed the study of radio and TV broadcasting technology at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava and a postgraduate study of computer programming at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He worked as Deputy Chief in the Computer Center of the Slovak Broadcasting Technology and Operations Company.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Joshua Olokodana for Readers' Favorite

Spiritual science, out-of-body experiences, lucid dreaming, cosmic entities, reincarnation, light bodies, astral projection, heaven, the creator, and the universe-multiverse question. An "all-star" cast of topics that have always been a mystery to humanity, giving away precious little across the ages, but no more! How to Kiss the Universe answers all the questions you might have about life, including the ones you have yet to think of. Following years of living without any deep contemplation of life whatsoever, Jozef Simkovic takes a keen interest in his spirituality after overcoming a life-threatening health challenge. Urged on by friends, he enrolled at The Monroe Institute, and a spontaneous journey to spiritual enlightenment was set in motion. Jozef turned out to be a quick study, and he kept developing until curiosity took him to the Reptilian planet. Unbeknownst to him, a reptilian king took notice of his activities and breached the inter-realm membrane some days later, attacking him in his sleep with the intention of possessing him and stopping him from telling us about the Other Side in this startling book titled How to Kiss the Universe.

How to Kiss the Universe: An Inspirational Spiritual and Metaphysical Narrative about Human Origin, Essence and Destiny is a shocking and scintillating account of spiritual journeys, cosmic exploration, and huge universal secrets written by Jozef Simkovic. At times, the narrative is so rational that it's plainly undeniable. Other times, it's just wild. But Jozef allows the reader to draw their own conclusions from the narration, which is obviously philosophical, albeit with mystical overtones one would wish weren't so real. Apart from its unique content, which could have put this book in a genre of its own, How to Kiss the Universe compels you to reassess your beliefs without invalidating your religious orientation. I loved the titling of each chapter and the thought-provoking questions they answered—such as why evil still exists despite the supervision of a loving supreme being. The story is told in short and well-structured chapters that make it easier to read. However, Mr. Simkovic's occasional humor and consistent use of relevant quotes at the beginning of each chapter make it a lively read. How to Kiss the Universe is one of those books everyone needs to read, especially at the point of self-discovery.

Pikasho Deka

Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? Is there a God? Find out the answers to these questions and gain true spiritual knowledge to become completely free for a full and rewarding life with How To Kiss The Universe by Jozef Simkovic. Seeking to attain spiritual wisdom, Jozef Simkovic, a former professional reporter, joins The Monroe Institute, where he learns the ways to expand his consciousness and become one with the universe through meditation. Through this book, Jozef offers a step-by-step set of guidelines to help readers connect their inner selves with the vastness of the cosmos. The author recounts a fictionalized version of personal anecdotes from his own life to provide valuable insights and exercises that can help readers work their way toward living a fulfilling life filled with compassion and empathy for others.

In these hectic times, books like How To Kiss The Universe are a timely reminder of how our petty squabbles and interests are nothing more than a speck of dust in a hailstorm when looking at the bigger picture. Author Jozef Simkovic utilizes spiritual and metaphysical elements to draw a vivid portrait of human origin, essence, and destiny that leaves you with a lot to ponder about. The narrative is meticulously organized with a keen eye for detail. Jozef writes in an accessible style, making the content easier to digest. How To Kiss The Universe was an illuminating read that I recommend to readers looking for a bit of inspiration in their lives.

Vincent Dublado

How to Kiss the Universe: An Inspirational Spiritual and Metaphysical Narrative about Human Origin, Essence, and Destiny by Jozef Simkovic is a unique spiritual journey that harnesses the power of astral travel. How does the author make this possible? The author first addresses humanity’s insatiable quest for answers to the metaphysical questions that plague our existence: Why are we here on Earth? What is the purpose of living? Where did we come from? What were we before we were born? This book is a proposition to take a little trip into the spiritual world which may inspire you to continue and pursue such a journey. In connection with human progress, your spiritual voyage will then accelerate a revolutionary mindset within you by gaining knowledge from diving into the deepest recesses of your mind.

As we all continue to pursue ways to improve or develop our well-being, esoteric knowledge becomes a popular alternative, especially when it comes to nourishing our emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. There has been a lot of talk about astral journeys nowadays, but books on the subject give nothing but false expectations. Jozef Simkovic has a very digestible approach to the topic that enlightens you about what the Unified Mind of the whole universe is about. It is entertaining and enlightening at the same time. Given that all you are experiencing right now are your body, your mind, and your emotions, How to Kiss the Universe gives you a well-structured method fostered by The Monroe Institute that allows you to release your negative energy and embrace your internal power that fuels your ability to travel spiritually. For anyone who loves compelling books on spirituality and esoteric knowledge, this book is the one to read when it comes to astral travel.

Romuald Dzemo

How to Kiss the Universe: An Inspirational Spiritual and Metaphysical Narrative about Human Origin, Essence and Destiny by Jozef Simkovic is an inspirational book that uses metaphysics to answer questions posed in the very first chapter of the book: “Why am I here on this planet? What am I supposed to do here? What is the purpose of my life?” To answer these questions that essentially deal with man’s purpose on earth, the author takes readers on out-of-body experiences through spiritual travels that transcend both time and space, which give the author access to other dimensions. In this book, Simkovic shares a powerful secret with readers - we can access incredible knowledge through astral travel.

Jozef Simkovic helps readers understand how he uses intention, gratitude, and love, to travel the universe effortlessly. The author shares his experience of other forms of consciousness, bringing clarity on complex subjects about the universe, the purpose of human life, its origin, and its ultimate end. He writes about life and death, pain and joy, and spiritual awakening, and as he describes the numerous spiritual experiences, he connects with readers in their quest for freedom. Fans of metaphysics will devour this book. How to Kiss the Universe will challenge what readers think they know about the universe, existence, and consciousness. It is a book that is filled with adventure while providing powerful keys for readers to unlock new portals in their life, find clarity, and understand some of the big questions that life throws at them. This book proves that the world is more fascinating and open to us than we can ever imagine. Fans of Lobsang Rampa’s The Third Eye will enjoy this work.