How to Prevent Sexual Assault

How to Detect and Defeat Today's Spy Technology

Non-Fiction - Self Help
166 Pages
Reviewed on 06/08/2017
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Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

How to Prevent Sexual Assault: How to Detect and Defeat Today’s Spy Technology is a non-fiction self-help guide written by Daniel Hanson. Hanson, who was a Weapons Mechanic in the U.S. Air Force, provides a wealth of tips for both women and men on how to avoid sexual assaults, and how to respond when one has been the victim. He stresses the need for an immediate defensive reaction when faced by an attacker and suggests a number of ways to frighten or discourage an aggressor. Hanson also discusses the importance of reporting all attacks as a way to ensure that others aren’t victimized by someone who would be better off in jail. The author’s familiarity with mechanics and technology is quite apparent in his coverage of the many devices out there that can help in the case of an assault. He also introduces the wide range of devices people can use to spy on you, and the ways you can protect your home, your privacy and yourself from those predators.

Daniel Hanson’s non-fiction self-help book, How to Prevent Sexual Assault: How to Detect and Defeat Today’s Spy Technology, is a practical guide for protecting yourself against predators of all types. Each spy or self-defense device he discusses is available on Amazon, other places on the web, or in brick and mortar stores, and I quickly amassed a number of items on my wish list as I read. Who would have known there are pens that will break your windshield or car windows in an emergency as well as being useful to disable an attacker -- pens that will even take DNA samples? On a much sadder note, Hanson’s descriptions of the Effects of Rape on Victims including Rape Trauma Syndrome is a sobering call to action that details the continuing harm and long-term psychological trauma suffered by victims of sexual assault. His tips for protecting oneself against identity fraud will have readers taking good, hard looks at the things they do every day that actually put their identity in jeopardy, and ways to be more proactive. How to Prevent Sexual Assault: How to Detect and Defeat Today’s Spy Technology provides a wealth of ideas, suggestions and advice, and it’s highly recommended.