If I Can't Sleep, You Can't Sleep

Fiction - Anthology
176 Pages
Reviewed on 06/13/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Jessica Barbosa for Readers' Favorite

If I Can't Sleep, You Can't Sleep by Christopher Ochs is a collection of short stories in different genres ranging from adventure, horror, romance, you name it - all with a hidden lesson for the reader. All of the stories are unique in their own way, with each story set in a different part of the world, and with different myths given a twist to interest readers. This book is a wonderful collection of unique, amazing stories that would chill me to the bone one minute and then leave me surprised the next. Every story has its own unique twist and plot that kept me turning the pages for more, wondering what the writer could possibly come up with next. The stories are refreshing in their originality - imaginative, unexpected - and you never know if it’ll end happily or not.

Another thing I liked was how the compilation is a mixture of modern and classic type of tales. Whether you’re a big fan of the old way the stories were told or whether you prefer a more modernized version of the fairytales, this book can satisfy both. The writer also entertained different settings all over the world and the characters' names reflected the different settings as well, which made it more interesting and really emphasized the individuality of each story. Reading this book was like an adventure in itself. I was like a pirate in search of treasure, and I found this in the form of lessons hidden in the stories, in the plots themselves, and in the unexpected endings that left me wanting more.