Book Three of the Resistance Series

Young Adult - Thriller
295 Pages
Reviewed on 05/06/2017
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Reviewed by Kim Anisi for Readers' Favorite

Careen is in the hand of the OCSD, who now want to use her image to their own advantage - and they will use all means necessary to slowly and painfully break her into cooperating with them. At the same time, the OCSD is preparing to roll out a device called the Cereberean Link, which would make it possible for them to track all under 18s (for the public, the device is meant to keep children from ever being hungry or left injured and lost) - and later on adults as the link can never be removed. Unlike Careen, Tommy managed to get away after the unfortunate bombing accident at the end of book 2. He wants nothing more than to get Careen back because he cannot believe that she would turn against the resistance. He temporarily lives with a guy called Atari, who is directly responsible for developing the Link - but apparently wants to use it against the OCSD. But who can the members of the resistance trust when more and more is at stake, and loyalties are questioned?

There are some brutal things happening to Careen in Ignite by Tracy Lawson, and as readers became attached to her over the first two books, it's not easy to read what is happening to her, and how it is changing everything. Right to the end - and I mean LITERALLY right to the end - you will have some questions about whether Careen will ever be the same. A question that will most likely be answered in another part of the series. I highly recommend readers to read the first two books in the Resistance series by Tracy Lawson before they start with book 3, Ignite. It would otherwise be a bit difficult to understand. Like the previous two volumes of the Resistance series, this is a book that makes it hard for readers to put it down. There is a lot happening to the different characters. I like that the spotlight isn't always on Careen and Tommy as knowing about the other characters is very interesting, too. Atari seems a bit dodgy; who knows what he is up to? While the plot ideas can be found in older novels, too, it takes a lot of talent to make them feel fresh. I never felt like I was reading just another copy of another dystopian YA novel, or was following another Katniss Everdeen. The Resistance series is a series I would recommend to people looking for a new YA series to start, but who do not want to be bored by more of the same.

Divine Zape

Ignite by Tracy Lawson is a fascinating thriller for young adults and the third book in the Resistance Series. Ignite introduces a dystopian setting where people are suffering from hunger and social unrest. An organization that should take care of the safety of the inhabitants is losing its grip because of the resistance. In the social chaos, heroes stand out — Careen Catecher, a young, dynamic and committed fighter who wants her freedom and survival. Tommy Bailey is a brave young man who is in love with Careen, and committed to the fight of the resistance. Can these two stay together, given the chaotic social conditions and the conflicts that force them to watch every step they take and look over their shoulders wherever they go?

This is a great story, one of those rare dystopian thrillers that had me reading nonstop, and what caught my attention most was the fascinating setting, captured in vivid prose. The writing is highly descriptive and engaging, and the plot is fast-paced, action-rich, and utterly entertaining. The characters are well-imagined, and whether they are working on a solution from a tight spot or looking for a way forward, they come across as charged, exuding focus and a strong determination to stand against the people who, out of greed, are bent on sinking their world. The chapters are well crafted to push the reader over the edge into the next one. Tracy Lawson is skilled at crafting emotionally and psychologically rich scenes, a conflict-driven plot that allows the reader no moment of distraction. It is focused; it is entertaining in an absorbing kind of way. This is the first book I have read in the series and I am already enlisted as a huge fan. I will have to go back and find out how the chaos started and where it will end.