Inhale Exhale

The Lost and Found Hope Volume Two

Poetry - Inspirational
367 Pages
Reviewed on 08/13/2020
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Author Biography

23. Quiet. Chocolate fanatic. Lover of tea. R.S. Rain emigrated from Guyana to New York at the age of 11 and realized her talent for writing in the fifth grade. Even though her English teacher didn't believe she'd written her first story ever for an assignment, she went on to write her first novel in the sixth grade.

It wasn't until Middle School that Rain found poetry, one of the many loves in her life. Ever since she read a novel written in poetry format, that was it for her. She could no longer write any stories no matter how hard she tired, as they all came out as poetry in her perspective.

In High School, she was introduced to playwright and that also clicked with her. (Her first play is currently being turned into a multi-series novel.)

After graduating, Rain moved on to attend college to study Creative Writing, but it all took a turn for worse when she reluctantly withdrew from all her classes during her sophomore year. Around 3 and a half years later, Rain found out she not only have P.C.O.S but also Scoliosis and Chronic anemia. Things began to make sense once again for Rain. The symptoms have all been overlapping throughout her life, causing pain and distress; along with depression and anxiety. Her only solace was writing. It's what got her through it all and she is determine to share her experiences for others to know and feel that they are not alone!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite

Inhale Exhale is book 2 in The Lost and Found Hope by R.S. Rain, an unusual collection of poetry that lays bare the ache of the soul and the conundrum of living depressed. The author does a wonderful job of capturing those emotions and thoughts that occasionally, at times frequently, invade the human psyche. The reader encounters a person who has to deal with a variety of troubling feelings: failure, loneliness, sadness, languor, and a pervading sense of depression coming across on each page. In these pages, the author documents her thoughts and it is disturbing to feel her struggle in loneliness: “I want to be alone. / I feel alone.” Yet when people watch her smile, they can’t imagine the effort it takes. In just two lines, she describes that reality: “I’m sad. / Still, I smile…”

It is hard to read this collection without pausing to feel the pain of the protagonist as she finds it hard to focus, to feel, to be at the bottom of the class in grade three in a public school, and symbolically taking the back row. R.S. Rain’s poetry is unique in style and it captures moments in the life of a depressed person in words that have great significance. I felt touched by the experience of loneliness in this collection and it is easy to experience that sense of pathos as one turns from page to page. Yet, it is real and human and many people can recognize the desperate voice that cries in these pages, a soul that yearns for light and a heart that beats for love. Each poem is comprised of few lines, at times it is just an expression on the page but loaded with meaning. Inhale Exhale is a book about depression and if you identify with the words in this collection, reach out for help.

Vincent Dublado

R.S. Rain expresses her artistic side in battling depression. In Inhale Exhale: The Lost and Found Hope (Vol.2), she explores the power of verse to exorcise her demons. Her use of poetry as an intervention technique plays a significant role in keeping herself in balance. She makes a disclaimer that some reading sections contained herein could prove triggering for individuals who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and suicide. Opening the pages of this poetry book reveals simple units of mostly single lines of verse. Her lineation is contained and her thoughts are easy to follow. One does not have to possess a degree in psychology to understand that the verbal formulas representing her sentiments are all symptomatic of a soul whose actions are observable through the sets of single or multiple stanzas. Reading them aloud has an aural quality that calls for engagement—in going within her isolation as the underground of her poetry.

Depression is a serious malady all around the world. The usefulness of poetry effectively fosters a certain release that Ms. Rain might be finding difficult to express in another medium. The insight and exploration of her inner conflict as conveyed through simple sets of words and phrases suggest a good integration of art into self-therapy. She finds herself drawn to verse to find comfort and affirmation that whatever she is going through at the present, like everything else, will pass. Inhale Exhale as a book of depression poetry resonates within all of us. It gives us a place where we can reach out and experience empathy. For the poet, the therapeutic properties of words help to alleviate the mental and emotional agonies, and this work captures such representation.

Lesley Jones

Dealing with the haunting memories of an abusive childhood that follow into adulthood, this raw and powerful collection of poetry, Inhale Exhale by R.S. Rain, takes an inside look at mental health. Ranging from a few words to short poems, discover the thought processes of someone battling with their inner thoughts and distorted view of themselves. Depression is very often misunderstood by others and seen as a weakness by the sufferer. Through these insightful poems, we get a glimpse of the uphill struggle to exist on a daily basis to perform even the most mundane tasks. Explore the importance of dealing with destructive concepts and toxic comments from yourself and others to ensure your thoughts serve only to lift you to your highest and most precious self. Each poem exposes the vulnerability and fragility of a person with depression and how they transform themselves from helplessness into a positive powerhouse.

Inhale Exhale by R.S. Rain covers popular themes such as depression, low self-esteem, and abuse in a most unique and thought-provoking way. The poems may be short but the message is compelling and authentic. If you have ever suffered from the mental prison of depression, you will most definitely relate to the feelings and emotions in this book. I especially loved the references to feeling inadequate with your life because of the perceived perfection of others' lives on social media. This is something I feel many people have experienced. Even if you have never been the victim of abuse, bullying, or negative self-image, you can learn so much about the effects that criticism, cruel comments or any negative behavior towards others can have. The emotions of feeling lost, your true self fading gradually over time was most powerful. The poems depicting child abuse were very difficult to read; a child screaming for help on the inside but through past experience believing no-one can be trusted to help them. The final poems are inspiring as hope and truth are found. Understand that you can find the strength to control your thoughts and make positive choices for your future. I loved this quote from the book: 'I have the power to strive forward. I have the inner strength to keep on fighting. I will listen to my inner warrior. She is brave. Powerful. Exceptional.'

K.C. Finn

Inhale Exhale: The Lost and Found Hope - Volume Two is a work of collected poetic thoughts, musings, questions, and narrative penned by author R.S. Rain. Uniquely formatted to take the reader through a stream of consciousness and journey of the mind, these poetically penned musings do not take the form of traditional poems clinging to sole ideas, but rather explore single moments and memories as the author processes deep feelings of depression. With references to abuse, self-harm, and thoughts of suicide, the work is sensitively portrayed but could potentially be raw and triggering to those who have experienced similar things. Nevertheless, it is overall a message of continued hope and fighting against the negativity of the past.

Author R.S. Rain has crafted a fascinating and one of a kind book that takes us through a highly personal journey in a unique format. The arrangement of the phrases per page means that we take each moment in fully before arriving at the next, piecing together elements of the author’s past and coming to a slower understanding of her pain. There was a moment called ‘Skipping’ which was particularly raw and poignant, and indeed there are many emotive highs and lows in these well-crafted moments of poetic phrasing and narrative questioning. There are many ideas of self-esteem and self-worth that other readers will be sure to relate to, and overall I would highly recommend Inhale Exhale as a trailblazing example of modern emotive writing that sets a new standard of its own.

Rabia Tanveer

Inhale Exhale is the second volume in The Lost and Found Hope series by R.S. Rain. This is a collection of expressive and emotive short poems that are at once sad and self-reflecting. The author takes the reader right into her mind where it is a little dark and a little scary, but it is something she has come to live with. Each lyrical piece reflects her state of mind. The author shares the moments she feels most vulnerable and leaves everything open for the reader to connect with. From desperately sad to empowering, this collection is just as introspective as it is empowering.

I am in awe of the author’s ability to share so much with very few words. There are many pages in the book that have only one word, yet that is enough to make you feel what the author is feeling. Author R.S. Rain opens her bleeding heart for readers and shares her recovery with them. She goes from asking why she exists to convincing herself that, yes, she matters and, yes, she deserves the best. Instead of fighting the world, she battles herself to be the best she can be. This journey is incredibly approachable. I believe a lot of people will connect with her journey and take courage from that. The tone of her poems changes significantly but gradually. She accepts she is not perfect but she loves herself for who she is. This collection is for anyone who wishes to be accepted and wants to do better. I believe it will have a tremendous impact on the minds of readers who want to feel reassured.