It's Not That 'Big a Deal'

A Simple & Funny Reminder About What Matters Most

Children - Picture Book
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 05/09/2022
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Author Biography

Ron Keres is the author of It’s Not That ‘Big a Deal' and The Scariest Story You’ve Ever Heard, both illustrated by talented artist Arthur Lin. Once a Physical Education teacher, now a missionary, Ron loves to engage children through fun games and storytelling.

Ron and his wife Jen have four children and are from Dekalb, IL but are currently living in a remote First Nations community in Ontario, Canada where they serve as missionaries. He plans to continue to write more children’s books in the future, starting with a sequel to The Scariest Story You’ve Ever Heard.

Ron enjoys exercising, fishing, reading, traveling with his family, and really good food.

You can follow Ron and stay up to date about new releases on Facebook @Picturebookdad

    Book Review

Reviewed by Susan van der Walt for Readers' Favorite

We live in a time where often both parents have to juggle a career and raise their kids, leading to much stress. Due to this, they often tend to overreact to children's minor mishaps. In It's Not That 'Big A Deal,' Ron Keres reminds parents that minor accidents like spilling milk, taking too long to get ready in the morning, tracking dirt into the car, etc., are not such a big deal. Instead, he highlights that despite these incidents and parents' reactions to them, they still love their children and can't imagine life without them. But it will also help children realize that the small things they get right will make life easier for their parents.

I love the colorful illustrations, which show the typical effects and reactions to everyday mishaps parents and little ones know so well. I like that Ron Keres gives space for kids to write about one of their own mishaps and draw a picture about it. It's Not That 'Big A Deal' aims to help parents see the humor in these situations and realize that often these incidents make the fondest memories. And it will inspire little ones to try to avoid these things, making life easier for their parents. It teaches children values like tidiness, promptness, consideration for others, etc. Young children will love this delightful story because they are so familiar with so many incidents. It gives them and their parents a chance to see the funny side and even leads to discussions about how many of them can be prevented.