Jambot's Guide to Technology

Written for children, secretly read by grown-ups!

Children - Educational
160 Pages
Reviewed on 06/04/2023
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Essien Asian for Readers' Favorite

The world of technology evolves by the day. It is so rapid that there is a new technological tool being introduced to the world with life-changing capabilities each day. For adults, this is an accepted routine which to more extent than is obvious has become an integral part of day-to-day existence but for a child, everything is novel and sometimes dangerous. The big question that remains is how one can transfer all the incredible knowledge about technology to a child in a form they can understand. Jambot’s Guide To Technology by John Lynch may just be the long-awaited solution.

Creating a book that would introduce technology in all its glory to young readers was always going to be quite a challenge when you realize just how differently children view the world. John Lynch seems to have mastered the art of communicating with children with his book’s unique approach to it. The concept of a robot for the children to interact with is a masterstroke that is probably only outdone by its rather fitting name. The language in the book is simple enough to follow and the combination of colorful pages with interesting diagrams that explain everything about a particular topic creates the kind of engaging atmosphere that young readers are familiar enough with to want to learn new things. Jambot’s Guide To Technology has the potential to bridge the gap when it comes to educating children and I believe it needs to get into their curriculum as quickly as possible.

Alex Ndirangu

In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of devices that can connect to the internet. We even have refrigerators capable of diagnosing maintenance needs and alerting us if their doors are left open. Even light bulbs are getting smart. There is no better way to learn and understand all these technological advancements than from a robot designed to entertain and interact with you. Jambot is a Home Utility Bot-Series 1 robot designed to interact and help in day-to-day activities. He can listen, learn, and have fun just like you and me. He can even clean your bedroom if you want him to. Though he is just 748 days old, Jambot knows many things about technology, and in John Lynch's Jambot's Guide to Technology, he will highlight essential facts to help you learn and understand the technology used around you.

The book contains tidbits of history about the evolution of smart devices today, explanations, and random facts that will surprise you. I never knew today's technology would be impossible without little switches from a compound sourced mainly from sand. Lynch uses straightforward and easy-to-understand language, even when describing the most technical subjects. The text is complemented by vibrant and immersive illustrations from Ian Lynch to ensure your attention never wanes. This book educates to the very last page in a fun and exciting way. It even explains how readers can design their own robots based on what they want them to do. For instance, if they want a robot to entertain and interact with, like our favorite Jambot, they must first find speakers, microphones, and very clever software to help the robot speak and understand what we say. And all this invaluable information is available in this book just for you. Because of its thoughtful content, Jambot's Guide to Technology will be a treasure for readers ranging from teenagerhood and above. I appreciated the author's reminder that humans are exceptional, even if we see robots as clever and fast to learn new skills. We can be brave, compassionate, motivated, loving, and innovative. Now that's different and a special blessing.

Philip Van Heusen

Jambot’s Guide to Technology: Written for Children, Secretly Read by Grown-Ups! is a fantastic little book to teach children (and grandparents) all about technology. John Lynch wrote the guide to help the young reader learn about modern technology. The book goes from the very basics to designing your own robot. I am sixty-eight years old and learned more about technology from this book than I have learned in my life. The information is easy to understand. It is so easy that even older people can understand it. First, each subject is introduced, then a brief history is given, followed by the future. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn about the technology surrounding them. For example, I was surprised to learn that we had electric cars before combustion engine-powered cars.

Do you know the difference between a bit and a byte? How fast is a Hertz or a megahertz? The answers to these and so many more questions are given in Jambot’s Guide to Technology by John Lynch. Jambot, a friendly and intelligent robot, teaches readers about modern technology. John explains how Jambot works and explains modern technology. When John looks to the future, he shares a wonderful world where we will all be interconnected and have robots to do the heavy work. The technology is written on the beginner’s level and is very understandable. I found reading this book a delight. It also widened my limited knowledge of modern electronics. When I was young, a phone was stationary, wired to the wall, and used only to talk to people. Now, smartphones have more power than it took to land a man on the moon. I highly recommend this book to young and elderly readers alike.