Jesus Loves You!

Jesus Loves You!

Christian - General
26 Pages
Reviewed on 08/28/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Jesus Loves You is a Christian storybook for children written by Christine Topjian. Many don’t realize it, but Jesus gets involved in your life from the very beginning. That’s right, even before you were born, Jesus was there loving you while His Father was making you into a perfect human being. Jesus watches over children as they take their first steps, get on a school bus for the very first time, and try to keep their knees from trembling as they give their first presentations before their class. It’s kind of nice to know that, even when you feel so alone, there’s someone there with you at that very moment. And that someone always cares about you and wants you to know how much you are loved.

Christine Topjian’s heartwarming Christian storybook for children, Jesus Loves You, follows the life of a young boy from infancy, through his childhood years, into his teens and beyond. The one constant in that life is the presence of Jesus at every moment and the certainty of the unending love and support given by Him. The illustrations in this tale are often clever and humorous, especially those showing the boy on that first bus ride and in front of his class. Topjian deftly shows how Jesus is an essential part of the coming of age of everyone who embraces Him as their lord and savior, and it clearly reveals how He guides them as they are growing up. This book is a perfect selection for story time, but it’s also suitable for young readers to try on their own. Jesus Loves You is highly recommended.