Max's Midnight Adventure

Shadows from the Past (book 11)

Children - Adventure
84 Pages
Reviewed on 10/23/2016
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Author Biography

I spent 20 years as a teacher of French, Latin and Classical studies, before a change of career led me to writing children's fiction. Originally from the UK, I now live in France with my husband and our beautiful Tonkinese cat.

Shadows from the Past is a series of time-travel adventures, featuring 3 children and a rather special Tonkinese cat - the incomparable Maximus Lancelot to give him his full name. I'm currently working on the eighteenth book, The Shadow of the Slave Ship. The full-length books are also accompanied by some shorter stories, Max's Adventures, all of which see the talking feline hero, Max, undertaking solo missions in the past.

As I take my young readers on a magical mystery tour through the past, I'm hoping that my love of history, myth and legend will rub off on them too.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Alyssa Elmore for Readers' Favorite

Max, the lilac Tonkinese cat, is in trouble again in Max's Midnight Adventure by Wendy Leighton-Porter. Following Uncle Richard into the attic, Max does what he loves best and falls asleep in a comfy dark box. When he wakes, he discovers he has gotten himself locked in the now dark attic! Not always the bravest of creatures, poor Max is terrified. Uncle Richard has gone, and Max is trapped in the creepy attic with a cross Christmas fairy that refuses to help him. What other kinds of strange creatures does Max run into? Will they help him or will they ignore him and leave him to fend for himself? When an unexpected source offers his help, Max feels hopeful. Until the toy tells him his plan. Now he must put his fate in the hands of the angry Christmas fairy, a gruff Nutcracker, and a buff action figure that is better at the action bits than thinking. Can he find a way out of the attic before Joe, Jemima, and Uncle Richard go on holiday tomorrow? Or will he be trapped alone without food and water over the weekend? If he can't get out in time, will he survive?

Another heartwarming adventure short story by Wendy Leighton-Porter. Max's Midnight Adventure combines forgotten toys from the past with the magic of Christmas. This is such a cute story. It was enjoyable to see another side of Uncle Richard. It is another perfect book to help you get in the holiday spirit. With a surprise and funny ending, you don't want to miss this wonderful Max's Adventure. Don't forget to read the author's notes. It contains more Christmas-y goodness. A must-read for Shadows From The Past and Max's Adventures fans!