My Cat Ate My Homework

Children - Preteen
88 Pages
Reviewed on 03/30/2018
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Author Biography

Timothy David and his son Zander Blaze live in Orlando, Florida with their crazy dog, Sapphire, and Blaze's awesome Mom! Timothy David loves to watch funny movies and eat pizza rolls! Zander Blaze loves to play in water and feast on chicken nuggets! Together, as David Blaze, they share lots of laughs and have lots of fun. Wow! That’s awesome!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

My Cat Ate My Homework by David Blaze is an exciting adventure and fantasy story for young readers. Melissa Morgan is in grade six and not good at math. On Thursday, in school, Melissa cannot answer her math teacher’s question. Melissa is good at every other subject except math. Jennifer, the President of Mathletes, the school math team, stands up and answers. Jennifer and her math army invite Melissa to go and watch them competing in the county math championship the next day. Melissa thinks of asking her friend Joe to help her. She goes to Joe’s house and his cousin Dana opens the door. Though Joe is not at home, she sees her favorite cat in the world, Peanut Butter Jelly. Melissa puts her three-page math assignment on the table for Miss Johnson to see when she comes home. What happens when she gets back to the table surprises her ... because every math question has been answered!

This story is about the problems many children face when it comes to math, friendship, and bullying. The fantastical happenings in the story will make children curious to learn more about what is going to happen in Melissa’s life. The detailed narration makes the story fun, honest, and enlightening for readers; both children and adults. All the characters are well sketched, real, and relatable, and many of them will be able to identify with Melissa’s dislike of math. The illustrations are adorable and they are an added attraction to the already exciting story. It is a good storybook to read out to children and can be read with them to help them accept themselves for what they are and appreciate their worth. The thread of friendship, bullying, and fantasy makes the book a compelling read.

Jack Magnus

My Cat Ate My Homework is an animal story for children and preteens written by David Blaze. Melissa liked school, but she hated math. Her dad was good at math and would have been more than happy to help her with the assignment her teacher had given them, but he was away in Puerto Rico, helping restore electricity to the island after Hurricane Irma. Miss Turner knew Melissa had problems with math, but she still called on her in class, which led to her being teased by Jennifer and the other Mathletes, the school’s math team. After school that day, Melissa went to see her friend, Joe. Joe was pretty smart, and he seemed to have all the answers; maybe he could help her get her assignment done before tomorrow. Joe wasn’t home, but his cousin, Dana, was, and she invited Melissa in. Melissa had decided to talk with Joe’s mom when she got back home. Joe’s cat, Peanut Butter Jelly, was home as well, only now he wanted to be known as PJ instead. PJ was a special cat who could talk, he had been able to ever since he came to live with Joe and his mom. He saw Melissa’s math assignment and thought it was a game, and not a very hard one either. Not only could he talk -- PJ was a wiz at solving math problems. But could Melissa turn in his work as hers?

David Blaze’s animal story for children and preteens, My Cat Ate My Homework, is another inspired offering from the father-son combination who authored the My Fox series. I’ve had a grand time reading each of their imaginative and entertaining books and found this one to be no exception from the rule. Just about all kids have one course in school that just doesn’t sync with them. For me, it was geography with its endless boring lists of exports and city names. And while I love math, I can fully appreciate Melissa’s frustration with it. There’s something about seeing math as a game that requires a bag of tricks to solve that makes the difference between loving and hating math. PJ had the tools to see it as a game. Not bad for a cat, even a talking one. Blaze’s story also touches on the temptations that arise in situations such as Melissa’s, where a moment’s weakness requires bravery and courage to repair. Blaze’s plot is finely tuned, and his characters are marvelous. There’s even a guest appearance from an old friend that had me cheering from the bleachers. My Cat Ate My Homework is most highly recommended.

Liz Konkel

My Cat Ate My Homework by David Blaze is a charming spin-off of the My Fox series. Melissa's never been good at math, something the class bully seems to enjoy picking on her for. When she goes to her friend Joe's house for help with an assignment, she ends up getting the help of his pet cat PJ who happens to be a whiz with math. In a moment of quick decision, she chooses to turn in the homework and creates a chain reaction she doesn't expect. Suddenly she has recognition she hasn't earned and must participate in a math competition. Meanwhile, PJ ends up with a suspicious opportunity to star in a commercial as an old enemy returns.

David Blaze opens up the world introduced in the My Fox series in a new adventure with Melissa and PJ in My Cat Ate My Homework. Joe falls to the background as Melissa allows for a new perspective, but maintains similar elements. This is a current story dealing with current situations, specifically with her father being away in Puerto Rico. It's something that a lot of children and adults can relate to. Melissa has a grounded life, realistic and almost ordinary. At least in the beginning. She's struggling with math and getting bullied, then the zanier elements weave into the story with the introduction of PJ, who is a talking cat with a talent for math and a sassy personality. His attitude perfectly captures what you'd think a cat would say, which is evident in a scene where PJ is trying to catch an evil red dot. He does what he wants and has a clear cat's attitude, but he also never strays from being loyal. Those who love cats will immediately fall in love with his antics. The story has a quick pace, blending in Melissa's struggles at school with suspense and PJ's crazy antics. My Cat Ate My Homework is a delightful read with a little mayhem and charm. A perfect story for those who enjoy a talking cat's adventures!