Of Mice Not Men

Book One: Division

Fiction - Science Fiction
475 Pages
Reviewed on 04/15/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite

Of Mice Not Men, Book One: Division by Donald L. Canterbury is a science fiction story with minor explicit language, violence (not grotesque), and hints of intimacy (nothing explicit). This would appeal most to an audience of young adults and adults who enjoy science fiction set in a futuristic time period. In the future, humans have exhausted the fossil fuel supply and are living in an energy crisis. In desperation, they turn to tapping into geothermal energy, which is successful at first until an eruption shatters the world. People now live in a world split between two groups; those who want to strip the planet and move to the moon and those who want to protect the planet and keep Earth as humanity's home. A conflict ensues and, from the ashes, a new species shall rise!

Of Mice Not Men is an interesting and scary book. The scary part is how people are using fossil fuels and that with the current government’s stance towards environmental protection, humanity could end up in a similar world to that displayed in the book, sooner rather than later. On the flip side, the book was incredibly interesting as Donald L. Canterbury did an amazing job in crafting a realistic conflict with well-developed characters. The futuristic world in the book does not take place billions of years into the future, but instead in a future that is closer. I liked how the events were all plausible to a certain extent and the author’s own unique twists were added in. I am excited for the sequel!


Great story, with interesting characters. Lots of detail, which made it easy to visualize what is happening in the book. Looking forward to the follow up book!