Orcas Forever

Children - Non-Fiction
48 Pages
Reviewed on 03/09/2023
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Author Biography

Marie-Paule Mahoney was born and grew up in Brittany, France, and now lives in the foothills of New York State. She taught French at a Waldorf school and at the State University of New York. She wrote The French Connection and is the co-author of En Français, both beginner courses for learning French.

When she retired from teaching, she took a greater interest in nature, wildlife and conservation of endangered species. Her first book, Molly and Babou, was written with her husband, a veterinarian. She followed that up with Coco and Whale of Wonder. The plight of the Southern Resident orcas inspired her to write Orcas Forever. In teaching French and writing stories, she believes that both her passions are propelled by the same goal–to open windows to the world.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Alex Ndirangu for Readers' Favorite

Under the twinkling stars, one orca dives into the sea while another leaps into the air. These orcas live in a family pod called K, one of the three Southern Resident orcas of the Salish Sea. Sequim and Lea, the two oldest females in the K pod, are among the group's leaders. For a long time, these matriarchs have ensured their family is kept safe and has food. But in recent years, finding enough food for everyone has been tough. Human contact with the Salish Sea has disrupted the area's ecosystem, negatively affecting the Southern Residents. Just a few years ago, one of the matriarchs in the group starved to death. Shortly after, one of the young mothers in the group gave birth to a frail baby who died after birth. How can we help the Southern Residents in their battle for survival? Find out in Marie-Paule Mahoney's Orcas Forever.

More than just offering you an adventure that brings you close to nature and its beauty, Orcas Forever also enlightens you with fascinating facts about orcas. Readers will learn more about the sophisticated orca language, its distinct dialects, their family ties and significance, and why they are among the deep's most intelligent and empathetic creatures. Ginger Triplett's colorful illustrations depict the orcas' daily escapades to immerse you deeper in the moment. I found the images that showed the baby orca and its mother traversing the waves too cute not to point out as my favorite. It was also fascinating to see the pods work as a team and use their considerably high IQs to conduct a greeting ceremony and strategize hunting parties. Marie-Paule Mahoney also does well in capturing those moments with active word choices. This story will appeal to children over nine and adults who seek to learn more about orcas and how climate change affects marine life.