Other Kids Are Kids Almost Just Like You

Children - Educational
24 Pages
Reviewed on 10/16/2019
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Author Biography

"Christina Engela is a South African editor and author of horror, fantasy and science fiction novels. Her books are never short of suspense, adventure and humor, while her colorful characters and thought-provoking settings take readers into another world, making her one of the most gifted and creative storytellers. A firm supporter of the LGBT community, Christina believes that Sexual and Gender Minority characters aren’t reflected enough by authors due to a number of reasons. As such, Christina's writing isn’t stereotypical, and her characters aren’t stereotypes, regardless of their sexuality or gender." - Booksradar.com, June 21, 2021.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

All kids are the same. They run, they touch, they learn, and work hard daily so that they can grow. They laugh, they share, and they make friends. They cry when they get hurt, and at night they go to sleep. Kids can be different even though they share the same surname; some can be white, some can be brown, some can be red, and some can be black. They all come in different shapes and sizes. Some girls are rough and like boys, and some boys are soft and gentle like girls. Some parents find it hard to accept children who are different from others.

Other Kids Are Kids Almost Just Like You by Christina Engela celebrates the concept of diversity and how precious every child is. This book is about intolerance, diversity, and bullying and encourages readers to accept everyone, irrespective of their differences based on gender, race, and color. The book also emphasizes being compassionate to everyone, regardless of their color, status, and gender. Bullying and intolerance are relevant topics in today's times and this book is good for read-aloud sessions in classrooms to help children be more tolerant and compassionate towards others. The illustrations lend clarity to the concept and help readers connect with the author's words. The author's approach to the subject is unique and different, and she makes the book appealing to children with the help of colorful illustrations. It is a good book to teach children to be kind and compassionate.