RIP Corey

My Friend Died and It Sucks!

Fiction - Graphic Novel/Comic
50 Pages
Reviewed on 09/15/2023
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Author Biography

I knew Corey for about 12 years. I visited him in the hospital almost every one of those 50 days. I saw all his friends posting get well videos to him on Facebook. When Corey died, my heart broke for them and for me. I wondered how these young adults would find the grief support they needed, so I went to the library and bookstores but everything I found was too childish or way too many words. So I decided I would write the book I could not find. I hope it helps young people.

I miss Corey every day and talk to him in my mind.

About me: I have been a speech-language pathologist (SLP) for over 23 years, helping young children understand and use words to express their amazing thoughts and feelings. These young people have taught me so much as we've played together and read together. I plan to use what they've shared with me to make books that help them and delight them. If you have ideas for books you'd like me to write, please email me,

    Book Review

Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite

Losing a loved one is never easy. It's a particularly difficult tragedy to get over when you're young and impressionable. Based on a true story, RIP Corey: My Friend Died and It Sucks! by Chris Buchanan is the tale of a high school senior named Sam who loses his best friend Corey. With some beautifully drawn artwork by Emily Ingram-Patel, the book follows Sam as he tries to come to terms with his loss and grief. Two months before, Corey was taken to the hospital for an infection, but after 50 days, Corey lost his life. Sam is still in mourning, and on his counselor's advice, he joins a grief group that allows him to express how he feels. After a while, Sam learns to cherish his friend's memories and celebrate his life with his other friends.

RIP Corey is a heartfelt story about loss, grief, and moving on. Chris Buchanan tells the story in the form of a graphic novel or comic book, with Emily Ingram-Patel's vibrant illustrations breathing life into the characters. The narrative style ensures that the story resonates with children, adults, and even readers on the autism spectrum. Most of us have lost a loved one at some point in our lives. This book provides some valuable lessons to navigate grief and discover ways to remember your loved ones in the best possible light. Sam's story is bound to pull at your heartstrings. The comic book approach to the story somehow makes it even more impactful. I'm glad I read this book, as I found it inspirational, and I highly recommend it to readers of all kinds.

Ann Linus

RIP Corey is a beautiful tribute to a best friend and a kind guide to those suffering the loss of a loved one. Corey was the kind of friend that anyone would love to have. He was thoughtful, jovial, and attentive to his friends. He loved lions, and he made paper lions for his friends. Then he got sick, and everyone hoped he would get better. However, he died. Corey’s sudden demise left his best friend, Sam, devastated. This book chronicles Chris Buchanan’s experience with grief and healing from the death of her beloved friend.

RIP Corey was such an eye-catching and stirring read. The unique illustration by Emily Ingram-Patel perfectly captured all the emotions and characters in Chris’ book and made the bittersweet story easier to read. In addition to her experience, Chris Buchanan provides practical and helpful suggestions for dealing with grief and grieving people. I learned what to say and what not to say to a grieving person. I learned that it is okay to feel everything or nothing at all and that grief brings isolation. I even learned about grief camps, which I hadn’t even imagined existed. I loved this book, and I wish that every person grieving the loss of a loved one could have the kind of support that Chris had. The presentation and characters in this book make it ideal for teenagers and young adults, but anybody can benefit from it. I am happy that Chris shared her experience, and I am certain that RIP Corey will help others through grief.

K.C. Finn

RIP Corey: My Friend Died and It Sucks! is a work of fiction with non-fictional roots in the educational, social issues, and emotive writing subgenres. It is intended for young people who have suffered grief and loss and was penned by author Chris Buchanan with illustrations from artist Emily Ingram-Patel. The work is a poignant and empathetic graphic novel that deals with the heavy topic of grief. Sam, a high school senior, narrates the story after the sudden and unexpected death of his best friend, Corey. Sam speaks directly to the reader, making them feel seen and understood during this difficult time.

Author Chris Buchanan has crafted a compassionate exploration of the grieving process, making it accessible to readers of all abilities and beliefs. Her intimate but clear narrative does not prescribe a specific way to grieve but rather encourages readers to form their own thoughts and ideas about death and coping. The book's inclusivity ensures that it can open conversations about this challenging subject, allowing individuals to share their feelings and experiences. The illustrations by artist Emily Ingram-Patel help readers visually relate to the content to add another layer of inclusion and interpretation of feelings. What sets this particular volume apart from others of its kind is its suitability for a wide range of readers, including those with autism, cognitive issues, and English language learners, making it a truly valuable resource for educators and mental health professionals who work with grieving young people of all types. Overall, RIP Corey provides much-needed support and guidance for young readers dealing with grief, ensuring that they don't feel alone during this painful time, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to those in need.