Seismic Crimes

Romance - Suspense
284 Pages
Reviewed on 02/26/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite

Beth Kennedy and Donovan Goldwyn have the proof that he did not murder his brother, an Internal Affairs Investigator, but canoeing up to the front steps of the Orlando Police Department and turning themselves in is a strange way to prove it. Seismic Crimes by Chrys Fey picks up where Hurricane Crimes leaves off and the action doesn’t stop! With Ryan’s journal and an actual recording of the murder from hidden cameras, Donovan is quickly off the hook and the hunt for the dirty cops responsible begins.

The intense events that have brought Donovan and Beth together have forged a strong bond between the two of them and, with no place left to go, Beth moves into Donovan’s home. They travel to Michigan for Christmas, feeling all the way that they are being watched, and when word comes that the fugitive they are hunting is in San Francisco, they travel across the country to find justice. The apprehension of corrupt officer Buckland is interrupted by an earthquake and the action kicks up a notch in the confusion and devastation in its aftermath. Will their love for each other and determination to succeed in bringing a killer to justice overcome this seismic blow?

Action packed is the only way to describe this exciting, sizzling love and adventure story! Between the steamy private scenes and the made-for-TV shoot outs and natural disasters, there is adventure that keeps your heart pumping on every page. Emotions are real, the characters play their respective parts well and there is enough intrigue to keep the story exciting, right down to the cryptic message Beth receives at the end. Seismic Crimes is well worth the read and Chrys Fey is sure to have plenty more to share with Beth and Donovan.