Sentinels of the Night

A Trackers Novel

Fiction - Suspense
294 Pages
Reviewed on 03/28/2017
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Author Biography

Characters with unexpected skills—that extra edge for overcoming danger and adversity—have always intrigued me. Mix in an infatuation with ancient myths and legends of Native American Indians, and Scottish and Irish folklore, and you have the backdrop of my characters.

As for the plots, well—with twenty-seven years of law enforcement experience, I have an endless supply. I am a retired Dallas Police Officer. I had an extraordinary career, serving as a patrol officer, undercover narcotics officer, advanced accident investigator, and SWAT entry/sniper.

Sentinels of the Night is my debut novel and sets up a newly formed team of FBI agents: code name—Trackers. Considered the elite of the elite, each has a secret, one that defies reason and logic.

The paranormal element was drawn from Native American mythology. Within tribal myths, owls play many roles. They are the guardians of the night, the harbingers of death, and the link to the spirit world.

I hope anyone reading Sentinels will enjoy it as much as I did writing it. Be sure to check the last few pages for a sneak peek at the next of the Tracker Novels: Going Gone!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Sentinels of the Night: A Trackers Novel is a paranormal police procedural mystery novel written by Anita Dickason. Someone is drugging, torturing and brutally killing young women, and FBI Special Agent Cat Morgan is determined to stop the killer at any costs. It's become personal to her ever since she first saw the dazed spirit of a young girl walking nervously about; a kid who should have been shopping with her friends at the mall instead of waiting for her mutilated body to be found in a nearby dumpster. Cat sees things, like this young woman's ghost, and she's often accompanied by two horned owls who have saved her life on occasion and frequently have helped her locate victims. Her old FBI team had given up wondering about the odd chains of coincidences in working with this "witchy woman," but they'd be glad to have her back if she decided the Trackers team was not to her liking. The new team had kept many agents wondering at its mysterious beginnings and the way so many agents had been interviewed and rejected. Cat felt an instant rapport with Scott Fleming, the head of the Trackers, and she was intrigued when she was accepted to be part of the team. Her first assignment as a Tracker was to work with the local chief of police in Clinton, Mississippi, where two young women had been found bearing identical cuts which pointed to a sadistic serial killer. Police Chief Kevin Hunter didn't like the FBI much; he had history with them. And he wasn't fooled by Cat's excuse that a raccoon caused her to dig into a loaded dumpster to find that first girl's body. But there was something about this fed that drew him to her, and she felt just about the same way about him.

Anita Dickason's paranormal police procedural mystery novel, Sentinels of the Night: A Trackers Novel, will have serial killer mystery fans and paranormal urban fantasy junkies alike getting excited over a new series which has something for just about everyone. Cat Morgan and Kevin Hunter are strong, capable and independent characters, and seeing how they work together at stopping the crime spree of an obsessed killer is great fun. Dickason's plot is taut and unrolls beautifully, and her Trackers team looks like a win-win for anyone who enjoys FBI profiler crime fiction. Sentinels of the Night is a fast-paced and absorbing thriller featuring an insane killer who is convinced that he's serving an elder God with his bloody and brutal sacrifices, and there’s the added tension of catching him before he slips away to a new location. Yes, there are owls in this story that seem to be Cat's companions and guardians, but there's much more to it than that. Sentinels is a first-rate police procedural novel that shows the reader how crimes are solved and suspects apprehended, and it does so in a most authentic and believable way. Sentinels of the Night: A Trackers Novel is a compelling debut novel, and it's most highly recommended.

CK Beasley

LOVE LOVE this book. Can't wait for this authors next book!!!!