Space Rogue

How the Hackers Known As L0pht Changed The World

Non-Fiction - Memoir
364 Pages
Reviewed on 04/30/2023
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    Book Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Space Rogue: How the Hackers Known As L0pht Changed the World is a work of non-fiction in the biography, cybersecurity, and technology subgenres. It is suitable for the general adult reading audience and was penned by author Cris Thomas. In this fascinating in-depth look at the world of hacking, security, and the legal battles fought in the nineties over major tech faults, we follow the history of The L0pht. This unique group of hackers that operated predominantly in the 1990s changed the face of cybersecurity by pointing out major flaws in the systems of huge tech giants of the time. This work explores that legacy and all the moments in between, legal or otherwise.

Author Cris Thomas captures a unique piece of history in this well-penned work of biography, and I found it both informative and atmospheric to learn about the strange and powerful world of hacking through his innovative descriptions and narrative style. One of the things I was really grateful for was the level of accessibility to the content, which eases you in gently with a few technical terms but keeps the explanations clear so that you can get to grips with the ingenuity and potentially devastating level of disruption that Space Rogue and his contemporaries caused. I think this work will fast become an essential book on the shelves of any student training in cybersecurity issues. Space Rogue: How the Hackers Known As L0pht Changed the World certainly belongs in the new canon of essential reading for anyone interested in the dangers and dynamism of the modern digital world.