SPANK: Odyssey

A Disproportionate Fantasy Novel

Fiction - Fantasy - Epic
326 Pages
Reviewed on 05/16/2019
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Author Biography

Klara Raškaj is an author of hot and eldritch speculative romance. An epic journey, otherworldly creatures, fantastic lore, a tantalizing romance, a dash of bone-chilling horror, and a pinch of mystery is her not-so-secret recipe for a delectable literary treat. Her lifelong love of writing is second only second to her obsession with hazelnut milk and artisan soap.

    Book Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

SPANK: Odyssey is a work of sharply humorous fantasy fiction written for adults, and penned by author Klara Raškaj. Reversing the traditional stereotypes of epic fantasy style fiction, this intriguing novel focuses on the villain of the piece as its central character. Domino, a strip club employee, finds himself embarrassed and put upon constantly whilst his rival continues to take the spotlight for his hard-earned accolades. As a practitioner of the magical arts, Domino finally snaps and herds together his friends and acquaintances to make a bid for ultimate power, and show everyone who’s ever trodden him down that he can be worth something after all.

Author Klara Raškaj tells an intriguing tale with Domino Enviedhieri, a charming yet clearly damaged soul that we meet during a painful time in his life. Whilst Domino’s antics are fun, scary, sarcastic and often malicious from the get-go, there’s a thread of hope running through the narrative that leads to a much more uplifting and meaningful message that takes you by surprise. Filled with explicit content, sharp wordplay and gritty magical realism, SPANK: Odyssey will not be the fantasy read for everyone, but those who enjoy a darkly modern twist on traditions are certain to adore it. I found the pacing of the plot events sharp and exciting, with new twists and turns leading you on to keep turning pages. Overall, I’d certainly recommend SPANK: Odyssey as an exciting new fantasy read that innovates for the genre and subverts the old literary epic fantasy norms very well.