Tame Me If You Can

Romance - Comedy
175 Pages
Reviewed on 07/26/2017
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Author Biography

Alexis J. Levi is the imaginative alter ego of a lively woman, whose whole life took place in her head. She dreamingly floats through her days and tries to master this sea of fantastic adventures - and, by the way, of course, she tries the best to live in the real world too!
At the tender age of seven, she began to write stories because it was always the best way to express herself. Nothing has changed, except that these days parts of her stories became more and more nippy, naughty, sexy and erotic. After numerous publications of travel adventures for magazines and designing content for advertising, A.J. now passionately concentrates on the writing of her novels. There is no subject that is safe from her because she loves intertwined thrillers as well as tingling love stories (of course with happy endings!).

A.J. about herself: 'I could never decide what to do with my life - a hot secretary, a daring animal trainer, an assiduous policewoman or perhaps an enterprising-spirited scientist? All sound so very exciting. In my books, I can be everything I want and even more. I can put into words what is not comprehensible otherwise and that makes me and my readers happy.'

    Book Review

Reviewed by Benjamin Ookami for Readers' Favorite

Tame Me If You Can is a humorous romance novel by Alexis J. Levi. Over in Paris, we meet Bell Torres in a miserable state and dressed as a chicken to boot. She has lost everything, thanks to one “mendacious” Sky Laverne who, besides cleaning out her bank account and taking everything that had been of value to her, seems to have swapped her for a Barbie clone with melon-sized headlights, if you catch my meaning. In Italy, Chris Cox is a trainer of horses, a father to a friendless eight-year-old daughter, and a son whose forgiveness is sought after by his mother. Thanks to Lori, Chris’s daughter, Bell finds herself in Italy with them. Bell is good with horses. Chris’s daughter likes her. Can Chris tame this sudden addition to his life?

As the first couple of chapters will prove, there is a lot to laugh about, but thankfully the humor didn’t distract me too much from following the story. Both Chris and Bell have their own scars, which makes this story more interesting. The author goes further and gives us other scarred characters to follow. Bell has to make peace with what her father did to her, Chris finds it hard to communicate with his mother and, ironically, Lori finds it difficult to communicate with Chris. Then there are characters like Chrispin, Natalia, and Karlee who are also looking for their happy endings. A novel meant for adults only, readers can expect a few steamy sex scenes. Alexis J. Levi leaves readers with a warm feeling of love in all its forms at the end.