The American Journey of Barack Obama

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Reviewed on 04/27/2010
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Reviewed by Diane Carter for Readers' Favorite

Many people have wondered about Barack Obama’s life before his sudden rise in popularity as he became the Democratic candidate for the President of the United States! Where did he come from? What was his life like before he became a senator?

This biography of Barack Obama gives insights into his life. Why his father left; how his mother and his mother’s parents influenced him; where he spent his childhood; his education, and his rise in politics. This biography presents, not only the narrator’s thoughts on Barack, but also others (some that are very influential) that know Barack.

This biography follows Barack’s life from the time before his mother and father were married till his election as President of these United States. The narrator helps us to see why, at this time and age, Barack overwhelmingly won the presidency.

I enjoyed listening to his life story: how he overcame racial adversity, an unstable childhood, and still became a very well-adjusted, intelligent person. The different people who give their insights concerning Barack tell of a person whose timing was right for our country. Barack Obama, in every right, is an extraordinary man.