The Forgotten

Fiction - Dystopia
484 Pages
Reviewed on 05/22/2017
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Author Biography

Joshua Noon is an author based in Dublin. Always an avid fan of science fiction, he started writing his debut dystopian sci-fi novel while studying Physics at Cardiff University. Originally intended as a single book the idea evolved and the first part of a planned trilogy, The Forgotten, was released in 2017.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite

The Forgotten by Joshua Noon is a tantalizing sci-fi with characters that will have readers spellbound. A stranger, “a man with short, almost military-cut, sandy blonde hair and clean-shaven face…” has just been found by the nomadic folk, badly wounded and left to die. Everything about him is strange, including the tattoo on his arm. The man has no memory, and a powerful religious government is after him. Can this man find out who he is before the Church finds him? And does he know that his lost memories contain the incredible treasures and secrets about a world that once was?

The Wastelands is a great setting for a compelling and intriguing story. I was pulled in from the very first chapter when Ryan discovers the wounded and forlorn man. The discovery of this man raises a lot of questions and defines a powerful conflict that the reader will love to follow. The political setting, a time of an uneasy peace, a period following a devastating war, comes across powerfully in the writing. I loved the characters. A man hurt and left to die arouses a lot of curiosity, but there is much in the protagonist to make the reader want to know him even more. Joshua Noon has an exquisite style of writing and his narrative voice captures the reader’s attention strongly and holds it till the very last page. The Forgotten features elements of suspense, great dialogues, and a culture that brilliantly reflects the nomadic life. It was a real pleasure to read this one.

Amazon Reviewer

Loved it! The story is well written and hooks you from page 1, and the complex back story to each of the characters really let's you get to know them. Make sure you have a day or two free because once you start you won't be able to put it down again! Brilliant story, can't wait for the next installment!!

Amazon Reviewer

Sci-Fi meets Game of Thrones. Loved it. The plot was fast-paced and keeps you guessing throughout. I devoured the book in a few days. £1.99 well spent.

Amazon Reviewer

I really enjoyed this. A great read and very well written! Can't wait for Joshua's next book!