The Immortal Guardians

The Immortal Guardians

Rise of the Shadow King

Young Adult - Fantasy - Epic
239 Pages
Reviewed on 07/05/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Liz Konkel for Readers' Favorite

The Immortal Guardians by Alynne McFaye follows a seemingly ordinary girl named Jessalyn Squalorwinde, who finds herself at the center of a centuries-old battle between good and evil. When she's attacked by the demonic henchmen of the Shadow King, Theorin Valen, her grandmother Josephine reveals the startling truth about Jessalyn's path. She's saved by three immortal warriors: the handsome Kassius Shorwoode, the wisecracking Rippa Connelly, and the fierce Jayde Masumoto. They introduce her to their mentor, Henri Basque, who takes her under his wing. When Josephine is captured, Jessalyn will stop at nothing to get her back. As more secrets of Jessalyn's past are revealed, she must join forces with the Centurions to stop Theorin and save her grandmother before it's too late.

The Immortal Guardians is an urban fantasy with an old-fashioned touch, with romance, friendship, secrets, and a hero's quest. Friendship is the strongest aspect as Jessalyn discovers secrets from her past, and her destiny. She discovers this whole other world and that demons are real, but this helps to push her to involve herself in the battle against evil. The budding romance between Jessalyn and Kassius is sweet and endearing, a reminder that they may be these warriors, but they're also modern teenagers. Kassius, Jayde, and Rippa have fun chemistry between the three of them that shows the sibling relationship between them. Each scene they share together is charming and humorous, with a great deal of banter. Alynne McFaye has a light style with a clever use of action and wit.