The Lost Theory

Fiction - Thriller - General
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 05/02/2021
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Author Biography

Michael Kelley was a successful lawyer who went on to manage a large global Wall Street investment business at Merrill Lynch and then at his own fund, Baltoro Capital Management. He left investing to become a novelist in 2015. Reading and creative writing had been his twin loves even before he studied English literature at the University of Pennsylvania.

Michael lives near Central Park in New York City and in the woods of Dutchess County where he spends his time writing and hiking.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite

The Lost Theory by Michael Kelley is a compelling thriller with a strong plot, a story that will appeal to readers who enjoy the puzzling kind of plotting they find in Dan Brown's work. Sean McQueen is an NYU literature professor who is surprised when he receives a letter from Dylan Byrne, his distant but still best friend, writing from Kathmandu. Dylan claims to have discovered the theory of everything — it is a code that unveils the missing link between science and spirituality. When his friend dies mysteriously, Sean sets out to track this theory, accompanied by Emily Edens, Dylan's collaborator. As they encounter eccentric characters on their path, they are also aware that a powerful guru will do everything to lay his hands on the code before anyone else. From New York to Kathmandu and to Xanadu, can they beat the odds and survive dangers long enough to retrieve the theory before it is stolen from humanity?

This is a well-plotted and skillfully written novel. The originality in the voice and style, as well as the author’s ingenuity in plotting complex scenes, make the story a spellbinding read. The characters are fully drawn and I loved how they evolve through the conflict. The first-person narrative voice is expertly written and it is one of the many strengths of this narrative. The story features strong elements of mystery and suspense, with skillfully written themes of love and adventure in language that is crisp and engaging. The story is poignant, at times, and it is a page-turner that satisfies fans of plot twists and well-rounded characters. The Lost Theory is a fun and thrilling story.