The Power Gifts

There are three power gifts taught in scripture

Christian - Non-Fiction
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Reviewed on 10/31/2017
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Author Biography

From childhood, Michael E.B. Maher has always known that the Lord's call was upon his life for the ministry. When he was saved at the age of twenty-two, almost immediately the Lord Jesus began to deal with him about entering the ministry. After a period, he left the ministry and went into the business world. Although he experienced success in the business world, he was outside of the Lord's will for his life. By 2010 the Lord's patience had run out, and Michael suffered his first series of heart attacks. By this time, Michael had become so worldly in his thinking that it never even occurred to him that the Lord had begun to judge him for his disobedience. But now the Lord started to unravel his career as well. Whereas before he had always excelled in his work, he now found himself completely dissatisfied with what he was doing. And so, at the height of his career he decided to take early retirement. It was during this time that his relationship with the Lord grew again. It was only now that the Lord finally got his attention and he committed to the Lord that he would finally answer the Lord's call to the ministry. And so, in 2014 Michael Maher Ministries was begun. From the beginning, the mandate given to Michael from the Lord Jesus was to preach the word. And so, this ministry preaches the word of God on every available platform around the world.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Darin Godby for Readers' Favorite

In his book The Power Gifts, author Michael E.B. Maher helps the reader to better understand the gifts of the Holy Spirit as recorded in scripture. He states there are nine gifts broken down into three different categories: Revelation gifts, Power gifts and Speaking gifts. He explains how each of these gifts is powerful and has their own purpose in displaying God’s power in a tangible way. Each of these gifts is given through the anointing of the Holy Spirit. These aren’t gifts that man would pick out, work up, or do on their own. According to Maher, these are gifts given by God to His child to use to glorify Him. The Holy Spirit is looking for a willing vessel to move through and share these gifts with. This isn’t to puff up the individual to make them feel like they are something special, but rather to encourage and build up the body of Christ.

Maher gives solid evidence why a believer must be strong in their individual faith as well as their ministry faith. When an individual faith becomes weak, it is much easier to fall into temptation leading to sin. Great care is given in explaining each of the nine gifts, their purposes, and how each of them must be used within the body of Christ. There is a strong biblical reference given behind each gift, backing up the author’s viewpoints with God’s Word. This is a very encouraging book for those who are looking to deepen their walk with the Lord and be used in this Kingdom.