The Reluctant Wife

The Reluctant Wife

Children of the Empire Book 2

Romance - Historical
275 Pages
Reviewed on 04/30/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Francine Zane for Readers' Favorite

In The Reluctant Wife (Children of the Empire Book 2) by Caroline Warfield, Captain Fred Wheatley returns from patrol to find his mistress deceased and his two young daughters looking to him for guidance and love. Until that moment, he was a hardened soldier who had not even taken the time to learn the children’s names. Through time and the urging from widowed Clare Ambruster, Fred struggles to learn a new role in life as a father and, with trust, perhaps to love this strong-willed woman who has entered his life. Meanwhile, Clare has her own demons to battle.

The Reluctant Wife (Children of the Empire Book 2) by Caroline Warfield is a refreshing change from the typical historical romance where royalty rules from afar and position is more important than people. Fred comes from a royal bloodline and can call on his family to bail him out of his dire situation, but Fred is strong and proud. He uses neither his status nor his connections to further his career. In fact, neither Fred nor his family come across as privileged. For example, when introducing his uncle, an earl, to his children, he refers not to the man’s title, but to the fact that his uncle is a farmer. Warfield’s The Reluctant Wife is a sweet romance with light historical references that add delicate touches of realism to a well-laid plot. The interaction between Fred and his children tugs at the heartstrings, and the courage and patience of Clare will have you rooting for Fred and Clare as a couple long before they realize how strong is their attraction.