The Reset

Time Corrector Series Book 3

Fiction - Science Fiction
450 Pages
Reviewed on 12/18/2023
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Author Biography

Dr. Avi Datta is the award-winning author of the best-selling Time Corrector series. Adept at weaving masterful plots that employ non-linear storytelling as well as fantastical plot devices and other-worldly concepts, Avi's writing resists the confines of a singular category. Instead, he uses his eclectic interests and academic fortitude to create masterfully intricate tales packed with as much imagination as critical details.

Through the Time Corrector series, Avi challenges the core assumption that causality and time are linear, which allows him to explore human emotions of love, loss, friendship, and artistic passion with the same unique perspective he applies to the intricacies surrounding politics, racism, alternate realities, music, and artificial intelligence.

A Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Illinois State University, beyond his research, teaching, and fiction writing, Avi is an avid painter, watch collector, and coffee enthusiast who is inspired by a wide range of music, from classic rock to classical. Learn more about Avi at his website:

    Book Review

Reviewed by Keith Mbuya for Readers' Favorite

Dr. Vincent Abajian, the founder of Quantum World and Egami Corporation, had no choice but to stop his adversary Philip Nardin from going ahead with his plan. Nardin had an arrangement with politicians in different states to supply him with homeless people as “lab rats” for his cloning project, and in return, he would provide clean energy to these states. Nardin kidnaps Vincent’s daughter Nozomi, and forces Vincent to relinquish his time-correcting powers. Things quickly get out of hand as world leaders launch a disastrous arms race to weaponize Intreton, a very important mineral for Quantum World, and the purest energy source that can alter reality if mishandled. In a bid to save reality from the imminent danger, Vincent partners with Nardin against political and military forces. He finds himself uncovering ugly truths about someone close to him as he encounters Nardin’s time-twisted alter ego called the Lunatic, all of which open the doors to the possibility of a reset. Get yourself Avi Datta’s The Reset: Time Corrector Series Book 3 to discover how it all goes down.

If you are looking for a gripping time travel, science fiction novel laced with a compelling tale of love, fate, betrayal, deceit, secrets, conspiracies, power, drama, thrills, and action, among much more, Avi Datta’s The Reset is just what you should be looking for. Datta yet again weaves a mind-blowing plot, starring the enigmatic genius Dr. Vincent Abajian. The evocative depictions breathe life into the scenes, making the reading experience feel like watching a sci-fi movie. Datta drives the storyline in a non-linear way, expertly managing the different timelines of the story. This gave the plot a beautifully complex touch. The edge-of-the-seat suspense and the spell-binding plot twists had me flipping through page after page. The well-crafted cast’s complex traits and emotions allowed me to connect with them. Being the final installment in the Time Corrector Series, The Reset can be savored more by first reading the previous installments. This page-turner is an epic and captivating finale of an amazing series.

Samantha Gregory

The Reset by Avi Datta is book three of the Time Corrector series. Vincent’s life is chaotic as he deals with old enemies, the kidnapping of his young daughter, Nozomi, and his struggle between his love for Emika and Akane. Vincent will do anything to protect his daughter, including giving up all that he has. Nothing is easy in Vincent’s life and with time travel, everything can change in an instant. As he fights to put things right, he may face loss once more.

Avi Datta has written a fast-paced and intriguing tale in The Reset. I did have some issues with the time jumps because it might be easy to get lost if you do not keep track of the dates and timelines. Vincent has some tough decisions to make in this book but he only tries to do what is best for the people he loves. The complex relationships between Emika, Akane, and the daughter they are technically both a mother to were interesting. They both love her, but they are struggling to deal with the fact that they were one person when she was conceived. There are several throwbacks to the earlier books as the author weaves the different storylines together. I liked how the plot unfolded and even though it ended on a cliffhanger, a lot was happening here to keep my interest. I think that readers of science fiction will enjoy this series once they get used to the writing style. I would recommend it.

K.C. Finn

The Reset is a work of fiction in the science fiction, action, and adventure subgenres, and is the third novel in the Time Corrector Series. It is suitable for the general adult reading audience. Penned by author Avi Datta, this intriguing narrative delves into the intricate interplay of love, sacrifice, and the manipulation of time. Dr. Vincent Abajian, a super-genius, faces a perilous situation when his adversary, Philip Nardin, kidnaps his daughter, Nozomi. The narrative is a tapestry of worlds colliding, political intrigue, and a desperate attempt to save reality from collapsing. The tension builds as Vincent, despite relinquishing his time-correcting powers, teams up with Philip against greater threats. The revelation of a mind-bending past and the identity of the Lunatic leads to a dramatic and satisfying conclusion.

Author Avi Datta has crafted a novel with a riveting rollercoaster of emotions and intellectual stimulation that knows just when to pause for a big ‘a-ha’ moment. Datta’s attention to detail and pacing results in a complex plot that keeps readers on the edge from cover to cover with its exploration of love and sacrifice in the face of a time-twisted villain. The book answers lingering questions from the series so far but also introduces new possibilities, leaving readers contemplating the intricate threads of love and destiny that bind the characters. Datta's storytelling prowess showcases an ability to seamlessly blend science fiction, romance, and high-stakes drama into a captivating narrative, with some engaging dialogue that moves the plot forward smoothly without the need for huge chunks of prose. Overall, The Reset is a superbly engaging sci-fi tale, and I would highly recommend it and the series in general for fans of immersive, lively, and interesting fiction.

Pikasho Deka

The Reset by Avi Datta is the third book in the epic sci-fi Time Corrector Series. Dr. Vincent Abajian has acquired the ability to manipulate time. But it has also made him a lot of enemies, including the United States government. When world powers scramble to weaponize the potentially reality-ending Intreton technology, Vincent must join forces with an unlikely ally, his old nemesis, Philip Nardin, to whom he has also handed over his extraordinary powers. But now, an even more sinister adversary looms who can impact everyone's lives for the worse. Vincent must travel across multiple realities to save someone close to his heart. As the past, present, and future collide, what role will his beloved daughter Nozomi play? Will Vincent be able to reunite with Akane Egami ever again?

Epic in scale and filled with shocking reveals, romance, mystery, and intrigue, The Reset is yet another entertaining novel in the Time Corrector Series. Avi Datta takes readers through a maze of a plot, intricately weaving different threads that come together in the end like the perfect jigsaw puzzle for a soaring climax. With a non-linear narrative structure and a sprawling story, the pacing changes gears throughout the book so reader mileage may vary. But what I liked about this book is how so many callbacks and reveals make sense in hindsight, and yet, you could never predict them with certainty. Datta infuses a fascinating blend of sci-fi and fantasy into the story, which will appeal to fans of both genres. I particularly enjoyed Vincent's relationships with Nozomi and Akane in this book. This will appeal to both sci-fi and fantasy readers!